Disney’s ‘The Lion KingMusical LIVE. The world-class musical is heading to Thailand for the first time and is set to bring a roaring arrival with it!


Bangkok, prepare yourself for the premiere of Disney’s The Lion King Musical! The internationally acclaimed hit show is coming to the Rachadalai Theatre on September 2019 with residence up until October! Don’t miss out on this incredibly famous, world-class musical production in Bangkok! This is set to be an experience of a lifetime. The Lion King Musical is a fantastic option for family-friendly events in Bangkok.


Lion Ling Musical Thailand Event Guide

The world-class musical, The Lion King, is heading to Thailand. Image AFP. Text Thailand Event Guide


Lion King World’s Official Number One Musical!

The world’s number one musical embarks on an Asia tour and will head to Thailand for the first time in September 2019. The critically acclaimed musical will premiere in Bangkok through BEC-Tero Scenario promotions and enjoy a one month run. The incredibly exciting show will kick off in September 15th 2019 at Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre, with shows running up until October 13th. The global tour will be the 25th international production of this landmark Broadway musical and will come complete with Thai subtitles.



A Truly Unique and Majestic Production

The Lion King Musical has famously and understandably, wowed crowds all over the world since its initial debut. The show packs a fascinatingly fresh level of creative artistry and is consistently regarded as a musical theatre triumph and landmark theatrical production. From impressive staging, authentic costumes and breathtaking choreography, the whole show manages to be reminiscent of the vast savannahs of Africa, not to mention its distinctive animal characters. The musical is soundtracked by invigorating African music with inspired language and artistry. The show is undoubtedly a triumph in itself but also doubles as a true cultural celebration.


Lion Ling Musical Thailand Event Guide

The Lion King Musical is a fantastic option for family-friendly events in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


Lion King A Broadway Celebration Roaring it’s Way to Bangkok for 2019!


The Musical has been wonderfully adapted from the 1994 Walt Disney animated movie of the same title. The marvellous musical features actors in creative animal costumes as well as incredibly designed hollow puppets for additional creative impact. The hit musical debuted back in 1997 around the United States and enjoyed instant success. Since then, the smash-hit has toured worldwide and been performed in international cities such as London, Tokyo, New York and Johannesburg. The Lion King Musical production has received positive attention for the sheer support of the local Thai musical market and will be the longest run of an international musical that Bangkok has is yet to enjoy. Tickets will start from 1500 THB and go on sale from Saturday, March 30th 2019. Don’t miss this famous spectacular show!







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