Currently in its 35th year, the International Thailand MOTOR EXPO 2018, which makes it one of the longest-reigning annual events in SE-Asia and will take place from 30 November – 10 December 2018. Hosted at the world-famous IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, this celebration of motor vehicles is a special event.

International Thailand Motor Expo Is The Longest Reigning Event

The Motor Expo showcases the most critical and innovative motor vehicles at this event, so car lover, this is one of Bangkok’s most famous motor expos. Come along to see the latest products from the motor vehicle world. This particular business to consumer fair will showcase automotive, motorcycles, and all manner of vehicles.

The event starts for the media on 28 November and follows the next day (29 November) with an official opening ceremony. From 30 November, the motor expo will officially open to the public.

Motor Expo Theme Is Enjoy Driving

This year’s theme will be Enjoy Driving! before the driverless era with driverless cars kicks in. You might have heard about Didi and Google ‘s frontrunner Waymo which is expected to be 135 billion dollars worth. Who is laughing again? Other brands in the race for humanless driving cars are General Motors with the Chevrolet Bolt which has no paddles and steering wheel. No control in a driving a car would really freak me out. The road for these automotive and tech companies is bumpy and dangerous. Google and Tesla who tested their self-driving vehicles ended with accidents, but the stakes of money are higher than lives. This development is also impressive on the profit margin side with revenues expected to grow from five billion to almost 285 billion by 2030 and higher profit margins.

Thailand International Motor Expo. Thailand Event Guide

Pretty girl presenting a  dream. Thailand Event Guide

With the rapid growth and use of technology and artificial intelligence, we are just moments away from sitting back and relax while your car is doing the hard work for you. It sounds like science fiction, but we are only moments away from reality. This truth seems to make travel safer, more comfortable and will rise in popularity.

However, as long as humans control the driving and as long as the technology is just at the one to three levels of development, it might take some time. After this innovation has reached the fifth level of development, we might see some significant changes coming our way. One could be sleeping while your car drives you to Phuket.

Until this moment arrives, visit the international motor expo and get updated on these latest developments.

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