Motorsports fans are in for a real treat in February as the D1 Grand Prix Thailand is taking place. In the world of motorsports, there are few events as exhilarating and heart-pounding as the D1 Grand Prix.


This legendary drift competition has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide. And it’s making its triumphant return to the iconic CHANG International Circuit in Buri Ram, Thailand. Get ready to witness the screeching tires, precision driving, and adrenaline-pumping action as top drifters from around the globe converge at this thrilling event on 23-25 February 2024.


Motorsports fans, February as the D1 Grand Prix Thailand, Chang Racing Stadium in Buri Ram. Thailand Event Guide


The CHANG International Circuit: A Perfect Playground for Drifting

Before delving into the excitement of the D1 Grand Prix Thailand, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible venue that is CHANG International Circuit. Located in the heart of Buri Ram, this state-of-the-art racetrack is renowned for hosting some of the most thrilling motorsports events in Asia. Its smooth asphalt, challenging corners, and long straights make it an ideal battleground for drifters to showcase their skills.


The circuit, with a length of 4.554 kilometers, provides drifters with the perfect canvas to paint their high-speed, sideways masterpieces. Its unique layout challenges drivers to maintain control while pushing the limits of their vehicles, making every race at CHANG International Circuit a spectacle for fans and a true test of a drifter’s talent.


D1 Grand Prix Thailand: The Art of Controlled Chaos

Drifting is a motorsport unlike any other. It’s not about who crosses the finish line first. Instead, it’s about who can maintain precise control of their vehicle while sliding sideways at breakneck speeds. The D1 Grand Prix Thailand is the premier drifting competition in the world, where drivers push the boundaries of physics, balance, and skill.


This Thailand event will feature an impressive lineup of professional drifters from various countries. Each will bring their unique style and technique to the track. From Japan’s traditional “drift king” style to the aggressive American approach, spectators can expect a diverse display of driving talent.


Motorsports fans, February as the D1 Grand Prix Thailand, Chang Racing Stadium in Buri Ram. Thailand Event Guide


There will be heart-stopping tandem battles. This is where two cars go door-to-door while sliding sideways at high speeds. It’s the pinnacle of excitement at D1 Grand Prix events. The judges carefully evaluate each run, considering factors like angle, speed, and proximity to the lead car. It’s a spectacular dance of horsepower and precision that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


A Festival of Horsepower and Style

The D1 Grand Prix Thailand is the place for breathtaking on-track action. It’s a full-fledged motorsports festival that offers something for everyone. Here’s what you can expect to experience at this unforgettable event:


  1. Car Show: Marvel at a mesmerizing display of customized and high-performance vehicles. From classic drift machines to the latest supercars, the car show is a paradise for automotive enthusiasts.
  2. Vendor Village: Explore a bustling marketplace filled with vendors offering everything from aftermarket car parts and accessories to motorsports apparel and memorabilia.
  3. Live Music and Entertainment: Groove to the beats of live music performances and enjoy exciting entertainment acts that add to the festive atmosphere.
  4. Food and Beverage: Satisfy your taste buds with a wide variety of delicious food and beverages from local and international vendors.
  5. Meet the Drivers: Get up close and personal with the world’s top drifters during autograph sessions and fan interactions. It’s a chance to learn from the best and get a glimpse into the drifting lifestyle.
  6. Kids Zone: Bring the whole family along! The Kids Zone provides a safe and fun environment for young motorsports enthusiasts with activities and games tailored just for them.


Motorsports fans, February as the D1 Grand Prix Thailand, Chang Racing Stadium in Buri Ram. Thailand Event Guide


Mark Your Calendar for the Drift Spectacle of 2024

The D1 Grand Prix Thailand event at CHANG International Circuit promises to be a motorsports extravaganza like no other. It’s a celebration of horsepower, style, and skill. The world’s best drifters come together to showcase their talent on the challenging circuit.


Tickets for this amazing Thailand event are 2,000 THB per person for one day. Or you can buy 2-day tickets for 3,500 THB per person.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned drifting enthusiast or just looking for an adrenaline-fueled weekend of entertainment. This event is not to be missed. With an incredible venue, a festival-like atmosphere, and a lineup of international drifters, the D1 Grand Prix Thailand will leave you on the edge of your seat. You’ll be eagerly awaiting the next thunderous roar of engines and the screech of tires as these drift warriors battle for supremacy.


Gather your friends and family. And get ready for a three-day drift spectacle that will leave you breathless and craving more. The D1 Grand Prix Thailand is back, and it’s ready to take your love for motorsports to the next level!


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