The Thailand coffee industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Excuse the pun! There are more options for Thailand varieties of coffee, tea and drinks than ever before. And they are delicious. Visit the Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks Expo in Bangkok.

Are you a coffee or tea fan living in Bangkok? If so, you must attend the 2023 Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks Expo. The event occurs at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC) from 26 to 29 October 2023.

The Expo 2023 at BITEC are expected to be a memorable affair.

Thailand Coffee, Tea & drinks expo 2023 in the coffee plantation. Thailand Event Guide

Drinks Expo Bangkok

Do you love to consume tea, coffee, or even ice cream? Or are you a business in Thailand that deals with coffee, tea, or ice cream? Either way, this Expo is the ultimate place to be.

This is the ideal trade show if you have a food and beverage-based business in Thailand. You can showcase your products at this critical trade show to get more customers. It’s the perfect platform for manufacturers, tea and coffee plantations, and even those who produce coffee machines or ice cream-making technology. If you want to wholesale your products, this could be the ideal Expo to make new relationships with like-minded companies.

The event promises to be a celebration of the local coffee industry.

Thailand Coffee, Tea & drinks expo 2023. Thailand Event Guide

Thailand Coffee and Tea Industry

Over the past decade, this industry in SE Asia has been taking off. The coffee industries in places such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar are rapidly grow out of all proportions.

If you have coffee or tea plantations and are looking for more customers to buy your products or large-scale companies to push your products in the market, this could be the perfect drinks expo for you. There are expected to be over 30,000 visitors throughout this 4-day Expo. And over 200 exhibitors. It will be a ground-breaking event for those on the local scene.

Thailand Coffee, Tea & drinks expo 2023 Thai girl enjoys her Thai coffee. Thailand Event Guide

BITEC Coffee Event Bangkok

Get to the impressive BITEC venue for this special Thailand drinks, tea expo and trade fair. The first three days of the Expo, from 26 to 29 October 2023, will be dedicated to businesses in the Thailand industry. You can find Thailand coffee suppliers and coffee machines in Thailand.

Are you part of the tea and coffee industry in Thailand? Do you want to get more customers and forge more industry relationships? If so, this exhibition will be a top event you wish to attend.


Bitec – Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre