The Farm Festival in Chiang Rai is the place to be for the food and music lovers. More than 50 best restaurants will display their food offerings. Balloons, shopping and entertainment shows will lift up your hill experience. Love the food and enjoy the electrified music on the Hill.

What Can You Expect In Chiang Rai?

Chiang Rai is the most Northern City in Thailand. It is famous for its tranquillity, beautiful landscapes and the laid back and friendly attitude of the Thai people. Chiang Rai is worth a visit to distress from the hectic lifestyle in Bangkok or your home country. Chiang Rai is still relatively cheap comparing to other cities in Thailand.

Singha lion trademark in 3d in the field of Singha park. Thailand Event Guide

Farm Festival Chiang Rai Thailand Event Guide

The Farm Festival in Chiang Rait

Before Boonrawd decided to develop the Singha Park, Chiang Rai was the perfect oasis for a healthy and laid-back lifestyle. As Boonrawd is in the profit-making beer business, it is no surprise that the Farm Festival has been launched to support local communities and get some cold beers sold to the festival goers.

Seventy (70) artists and groups will perform at Farm Festival

The artists who have confirmed are still unknown. The names of the artists performing will be announced closer to the date.  Expect a quality line-up of Thai artists. Last year Carabao performed at the festival.

Farm Festival live Thai bands on the hill. Thailand Event Guide

Farm Festival Chiang Rai Thailand Event Guide

Adventurers can get excited during Farm Festival

Take a deep breath when you watch the beautiful panorama when you enjoy the 360 Degree ZIP line adventure. Hundreds of Rai filled with flowers and tea plants capture your backdrop for that perfect selfie.

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  • Event - 36%
  • Location - 31%
  • Price - 35%
  • Experience - 33%