Tech Fest in Chiang Mai is a week-long event, it’s the event for the Thailand tech community!


Join the soul of the technology community in Thailand and this week-long extravaganza of all things tech! The festival is made up of four programs, and everybody is invited to attend, participate and share their knowledge and experiences within the technology field. Network, mingle, make new friends and learn, the possibilities are endless within this incredible gathering of industry professionals, frontrunners and technology trailblazers. Developers, start-ups, coders, hackers. Everybody is welcome!


Tech networking in Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Chiang Mai Tech Fest 2019. Thailand Event Guide


The Innovative Tech BarCamp Initiative Hits Thailand!


BarCamp is an incredible and creative networking event that is now held all over the world. The first gathering was in Palo Alto in 2005 and is a large part of the Chiang Mai Tech Fest program. BarCamp steers away from the general audience and guest speaker setup and instead encourages open discussions where anybody is welcome to learn. BarCamp Chiang Mai is a very public, participatory gathering of minds, where anybody is welcome to join. The ‘audience’ indicator doesn’t exist, and everybody is a ‘participant’. The BarCamp idea is to gather smart people with a passion for technology and unite them together at events that foster group collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking.


All Aboard the Chiang Mai Tech HackaTrain!


The HackaTrain is an incredibly fun, challenging and creative gathering of problem-solving minds. The initiative makes its Thailand debut as part of Chiang Mai Tech Fest 2019 and will start its journey in Bangkok. This HackaTrain ‘Hackathon’ event will see 40 people put on a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for a 12-hour ‘express’ journey. Some challenges, games, contests and problems will face them along the way, and the internet will be limited – Which team will be victorious?


Tech in Chiang Mai the way to go. Thailand Event Guide

Join the soul of the technology community in Thailand and this week-long extravaganza of all things tech! Thailand Event Guide

The code in The Dark and Open Tech House


The remainder of the Tech Fest program will be built around a ‘Code in the Dark’ event and an open house of tech enthusiasts. The code in the Dark is a front-end collaborative contest that requires competitors to write HTML / CSS code for a given scenario or website. Easy, right? Not really, the challenge of this event is competitors must write the code without any previews of their creation/entry. When the allocated time expires, the finished products are unveiled, and a winner is crowned! The remainder of the festival will focus on guest speakers, networking and integrated tech workshops.

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