Phuket’s exciting Stargazer Talent Contest embarks on its 5th year of talent spotting this 2019 and continues to showcase the talents held by the expat community of Thailand. Stargazer unites a vast array of talent fields from singers, bands, actors, dancers, acrobats and performers who are scored based on their performance. The overall winner will then be named victorious and finally be crowned by a composite panel of professional judges and spectators.


Stargazer Opportunities for Unique Talents


The goal of the Stargazer talent contest is to create platforms and opportunity for new groups and individuals willing to promote their talents via a live performance. The winner of the 1st prize at this year’s contest will receive 35,000 baht and be prized with the highly sought after 1st prize Stargazer trophy. The second-place runner up will receive 20,000 baht, and the third will receive an equally impressive 10,000 baht. A ‘People’s Choice’ award will also be up for grabs following a vote and will provide the winner of this with a collection of individual prizes from concert sponsors and media partners.


Stargazer Talent Contest - CC Hideaway Phuket. Thailand Event Guide

Stargazer Talent Contest – CC Hideaway Phuket. Thailand Event Guide


Want to Join Past Winners and Take Part?


The first contest launched back in 2015 and awarded breakers “Same Size Crew” with first prize and Chiang Mai’s very own Khun Maatam Rapter followed in 2016 due to her stunning vocal performance. Dance group Spectrum stole the show back in 2017 and received first prize for their energetic and striking performance. The reigning winners from 2018 are Daisy and Alvin, and a broad and exciting range of entrants are due to compete for the 2019 awards. Talented participants from the age of 13 can compete in the contest, with applications being accepted until April 21st. If you and your talent fancy yourself a go at celebrating the glory like past applicants, send an email to with a short bio, photo and link to a video preview of your performance. Good luck!


Performers at Stargazers talent contest at CC Hideaway. Thailand Event Guide

Performers at Stargazers talent contest at CC Hideaway. Thailand Event Guide


How Phuket Stargazer Talent Contest Works


The contest consists of two separate rounds, with the first requiring up to ten participants to provide one performance with each. Following this, the judges will give a score between 1-10 and the final vote is cast by the audience. Guests to the event are then encouraged to purchase a ‘Star sticker’ which will then allow them to identify their favourite performer. All money raised by the spectators and star stickers will be donated to the Life Home Project Foundation. After this, all points from all parties are totalled and dictate which 5 entrants will head to the final. It is then up to the audience to pick their winner of Stargazer 2019! The event is a fun, family-friendly day out and an excellent opportunity for self-expression, the sharing of talents and builds fantastic opportunities to get to know other participants.

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