Natural soap making in Bangkok! The Commons in collaboration with Soap Opera present a Thailand workshop where you can learn the specifics about making soap from cooking oil.

Build Your Recycling Skills with Soap Making Workshop

This workshop is a great platform not only to learn the skills but also to hang out with like-minded naturally lifestyle focused enthusiasts.

You will learn how to recycle cooking oil during the workshop and turn it into liquid soap. You will learn to promote sustainability, recycling and staying green.

Natural Soap Making Workshop from Cooking Oil. Thailand Event Guide

Natural Soap Making Workshop at The Commons Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide

Learn the Techniques of Soap Making in this Workshop

You will get a bottle of liquid soap to take home after completing this interesting Bangkok workshop. The workshop provides besides the ingredients great skills that you can use throughout your life. The course will take place from 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM at Commons Kitchen & Bar on the third floor. Other things to do in Bangkok.

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