Witness the equestrian splendour of the Princess Cup at the Royal Stable Unit in Bangkok. Watch the Thai team get chosen for the SEA Games 2018.

The Princess Cup Highlights Thailand’s Equestrian Skills in Bangkok

The Princess Cup 2017, sponsored by H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari, will be the main event for recruiting Thailand’s equestrian team for the SEA Games 2018. Last year, the Thai team won the silver medal, so hopes are high that the same level of quality will continue this year. Nevertheless, the Princess Cup in Bangkok will also host participants from over ten countries.

The Princess Cup also aims to promote equestrianism as a sport in Thailand. Held at the Royal Stable Unit in Bangkok, riders and their teams will be showing the grace and skill needed by man and beast in many categories:

  • Dressage: Riders must command their horses to execute precise with scarcely detectable signals.
  • Jumping: An all-around test of rider and horse through displays of obedience, agility, and athleticism.
  • Eventing: Horse and rider teams vie against each other in dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.
  • Best Groom: Highlights the importance of caring and maintaining show horses, the best groom will be selected.
  • Best Farrier: Another event to feature the importance of treating animals with care, the best farrier, the person who cares for the horses’ hooves, will be selected.
Horse and jocky riding at the Princess Cup in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Princess Cup in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

The Princess Cup in Bangkok Offers More Than Just Horses

Along with the equestrian events, during the Princess Cup, there will be other events for people to enjoy. Food, shopping, dog shows – all very fun, all family friendly.

A local flea market community will host an exclusive market on the grounds of the Royal Stable Unit. Vendors from all over will display and sell their vintage, hand-crafted, and designer products. Different food trucks will park on the grounds along with this fantastic shopping opportunity. These food trucks will offer many kinds of cuisine to satisfy your thirst and hunger as you enjoy every aspect of the Princess Cup.

Horses will not be the only animal stars of the Princess Cup. Along with those events, there will be a dog show at the Royal Stable Unit grounds. Adults and children can enjoy these canines show off their skills and beauty as they compete for awards. Also, there will be a pony carousel, petting zoo, as well as street performances.

Watch the Princess Cup in Full Swing to promote this sport in Thailand and around the world. Thailand Event Guide

Princess Cup held at the Royal Stable Unit in Bangkok Thailand Event Guide

The Princess Cup Culminates with the Rising Star Award

The Princes Cup in Bangkok ends with the gala evening of the Rising Star Award. At this star-studded event, winning participants will receive their awards from the Thailand Equestrian Federation. H.R.H. Princess Sirivannavari will honour the main event winners by bestowing the awards to them herself.

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