Loy Krathong Festival 2023 is about to blast off big-style in Phuket. So you need to ensure you are at the best venues to enjoy this watery Thai festival.  As the sun dips below the horizon and the tranquil waters of the Andaman Sea glisten under the moonlight, SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort comes alive with the enchanting celebration of Loy Krathong.


On the 27 November 2023, this luxurious haven on the pristine Mai Khao Beach is the place to be. It will be adorned with floating lanterns and intricate flower arrangements to honor one of Thailand’s most cherished traditions. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the magic that awaits at the Loy Krathong Festival 2023 at SALA Phuket.


Celebrate Loy Krathong at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort. Thailand Event Guide


Loy Krathong Festival 2023 in Phuket: A Festival of Light and Reflection

Loy Krathong is generally known as the Festival of Lights. It’s a deeply spiritual and symbolic Thai festival celebrated annually on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month.


It is a time for Thais to pay respects to the goddess of water, Phra Mae Khongkha. They do this by releasing beautifully crafted krathongs (small boats made from banana leaves, flowers, and candles) onto rivers, canals, and lakes. This act symbolizes letting go of grudges and negativity while making wishes for a brighter future.


SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort: A Tropical Oasis…


Nestled along the unspoiled sands of Mai Khao Beach on Phuket’s northwest coast, sits SALA Phuket Beach Resort. It offers an exquisite setting for celebrating Loy Krathong. The resort is renowned for its chic design and impeccable service. It’s an ideal backdrop for this magical festival. Surrounded by lush greenery, serene waters, and the soft sounds of the ocean, guests can fully immerse themselves in the beauty and serenity of Loy Krathong Festival 2023.


The Art of Krathong Making

Before the festivities begin, guests at SALA Phuket can partake in the art of krathong making. Under the guidance of skilled local artisans, visitors can craft their own krathongs. These are made using traditional materials such as banana leaves, colorful flowers, and aromatic incense sticks. This hands-on experience allows guests to connect with the rich cultural heritage of Thailand and create their unique offerings.


The Sunset Blessing Ceremony…


As the sun begins its descent, the resort’s private beachfront is transformed. It becomes a magical setting for the Sunset Blessing Ceremony. Guests gather on the soft sands, where a local Buddhist monk leads a serene ceremony filled with chanting and blessings. The ceremony sets the tone for the evening. It’s all about invoking a sense of peace and mindfulness as the sun’s golden rays reflect off the calm sea.


Floating Wishes on the Andaman Sea

As the sky turns from shades of orange to deep indigo, it’s time to release the beautifully crafted krathongs onto the Andaman Sea. Guests make their way to the water’s edge, each carrying their krathong filled with heartfelt wishes and intentions. As the candles flicker and the fragrant incense wafts into the air, the krathongs gently float away, carrying away any negativity and leaving behind a sense of renewal and hope.


Candlelit Dinner on the Beach…


After the mesmerizing krathong release, guests are treated to a cool Thai seafood BBQ Buffet right on the beach. The resort’s culinary team presents a delectable array of Thai seafood dishes, showcasing the flavors of the region. Dining under the canopy of stars and the soft glow of lanterns, guests are transported to a world of culinary delight and sensory enchantment.


Loy Krathong Festival 2023 Traditional Thai Performances

To enhance the cultural experience, traditional Thai performances take center stage at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort during the Loy Krathong Festival. Local dancers, musicians, and artists come together to showcase the vibrant traditions and artistry of Thailand. Guests can witness captivating performances that include classical Thai dance, live music, and even a mesmerizing fire dance that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the evening.


The Loy Krathong Festival 2023 at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort promises to be an unforgettable experience, combining the rich cultural heritage of Thailand with the luxury and tranquility of this beachfront paradise. As you release your krathong into the Andaman Sea and make wishes under the starry night sky, you’ll find yourself immersed in a sense of serenity and renewal like no other.


Celebrate Loy Krathong at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort. Thailand Event Guide


Ticket prices…


There is two-tier ticket pricing for this Phuket Loy Krathong Festival 2023. To enjoy the Full Thai Seafood BBQ Buffet and Loy Krathong Festival Cocktail Party, ticket prices are 2,250 per person. To enter the event and get a free-flow of beverages, ticket prices are 1,555 THB.

This celebration of light, reflection, and unity is a testament to the enduring traditions and the beauty of Thailand, making it a must-attend event for those seeking a truly unique and spiritual experience in the heart of Phuket. Join us on November 27th, 2023, as we illuminate the night with the magic of Loy Krathong at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort.