Are you ready for Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket? Belgian National Day is an occasion of great pride and joy for Belgians worldwide. It commemorates the country’s independence and rich cultural heritage. This year, on 21 July 2024, the celebrations will find a home at Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort in Cherngtalay, Phuket.


From 12 to 3 pm, guests are invited to indulge in a spectacular Belgian-inspired buffet. It’s meticulously crafted by the restaurant’s Executive Chef. And it promises a memorable Phuket event filled with exquisite flavors and vibrant festivities. Come and celebrate Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket at this amazing event.


Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket is taking place at Infuse Restaurant in Cherngtalay. Thailand Event Guide


A Feast for the Senses

Infuse Restaurant, renowned for its culinary excellence and elegant ambiance, will be transformed into a Belgian haven for this special day. The buffet will feature an array of traditional Belgian dishes, each prepared with authentic ingredients and techniques, ensuring a genuine taste of Belgium in the heart of Phuket.


Guests will be welcomed with a fine selection of cold cuts, fresh breads, and a wide variety of salads. It sets the stage for the culinary journey ahead. The centerpiece of the buffet will include signature dishes that showcase the diversity and richness of Belgian cuisine.

Food Details

  • Belgian Beef Stew: A hearty and flavorful dish, the Belgian Beef Stew is slow-cooked to perfection, featuring tender pieces of beef simmered in a rich, savory sauce made with Belgian beer, onions, and spices. This comforting dish is a staple in Belgian households and a must-try for anyone looking to experience the essence of Belgian cooking.
  • Vispanneke: This traditional fish dish is a testament to Belgium’s maritime heritage. Fresh fish is cooked in a creamy white sauce with vegetables, creating a delicate yet robust flavor profile. The Vispanneke is a favorite among seafood lovers and is sure to delight the palates of guests at the event.
  • Luikse Balletjes: These Belgian meatballs, also known as Boulets à la Liégeoise, are a beloved classic. Made with a mix of pork and beef, the meatballs are cooked in a rich, sweet-and-sour sauce made from syrup and vinegar, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Served with fries or bread, this dish is a crowd-pleaser.
  • Hutsepot: A quintessential Belgian dish, Hutsepot is a hearty stew made with a variety of meats and vegetables. Each region in Belgium has its own version of Hutsepot, but the dish always embodies the rustic and comforting nature of Belgian cuisine. The blend of flavors and textures makes this dish a highlight of the buffet.
  • Oven Roasted Chicken: Accompanied by a selection of vegetables and mashed potatoes, the oven-roasted chicken is seasoned to perfection and cooked until golden and crispy. This dish offers a simple yet delicious option for guests looking for a classic and satisfying meal.


Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket is taking place at Infuse Restaurant in Cherngtalay. Thailand Event Guide


Sweet Endings and Festive Atmosphere

No Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket meal is complete without indulging in some of the country’s famous desserts. The dessert station at Infuse Restaurant will feature a selection of homemade treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


  • Chocolate Mousse: Made with rich Belgian chocolate, this dessert is smooth, creamy, and utterly decadent. Each spoonful is a delight, melting in the mouth and leaving a lingering taste of pure chocolate bliss.
  • Belgian Waffles: Known worldwide for their crisp exterior and fluffy interior, Belgian waffles will be served with a variety of toppings, including fresh fruits, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. These waffles are a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.
  • Cakes and Tarts: A variety of cakes and tarts, each crafted with care and precision, will be available for guests to enjoy. From fruit tarts to chocolate cakes, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


The celebration at Infuse Restaurant is going to be memeorable. It is an immersive cultural experience. The ambiance will be enhanced with Belgian decorations, music, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The vibes invite guests to relax and enjoy the festivities. The event promises to be a joyous occasion. It’s together people from different backgrounds to celebrate Belgium’s national pride and culinary heritage.


Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket is taking place at Infuse Restaurant in Cherngtalay. Thailand Event Guide


Reserve Your Spot for Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket

The Belgian National Day celebration not to be missed. Priced at 799 THB (drinks not included), it offers excellent value for a buffet that promises a feast of flavors and a memorable experience. Given the popularity of the event and the limited seating, it is highly recommended to reserve your spot in advance.


Come and partake in Belgian National Day 2024 in Phuket at Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort. Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Belgian cuisine and culture. Celebrate the Belgian National Day and make memories that will last a lifetime. Reserve your spot today and get ready to indulge in a festive feast like no other!


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