Are you ready for a Phuket talent show? The ‘Patong City Never Give Up Challenge 2020’ is a talent show that is being organized to help boost local tourism. And also to help performers who are currently struggling in this strange climate.


The original legs of the Phuket talent show took place in Late-September, while the final of the show is set to take place on 31 October 2020 at Patong Beach.

Phuket Talent Show - Phuket Event to Boost Tourism

This Phuket Talent Show is being organized to boost tourism

Phuket Talent Show to Promote Local Tourism

This Phuket talent show is a great way to encourage local talent to show off their skills. Phuket talent and live performers do need some good news and opportunities at this moment in time.


The Deputy Mayor of Patong, Boonma Iabsub announced some details about the festival earlier this week. The mayor was joined at the press conference by the President of the Patong Business Entertainment Association (PEBA) Weerawit Kreuasombat, and leading Patong businessperson Preechawut “Prab” Keesin.


The Deputy Mayor said that the contest will be held every Saturday in October, culminating in the final on 31 October 2020.

Boosting Phuket Tourism with this Phuket Talent Show

Are you talented and living in Phuket? Check out the Phuket talent show in October

Boosting the Local Economy

As Phuket struggles to recover in the aftermath of the pandemic, all efforts are being made to stimulate the local economy. This is why this talent show is being organized. Boosting the income of local businesses is extremely important.


The Deputy Mayor also thinks the event will be a great way to let off steam. Phuketians have been suffering through stress as tourism is the backbone of their local economy. Everyone needs a bit of fun to lighten up the atmosphere.

Phuket Talent Show Details

At the time of writing, the venue for this Phuket talent show has yet to be confirmed, while many believe it will be held directly on Patong Beach.


The winner of the contest will receive a whopping 100,000 THB as first prize. The second-place prize id 40,000 THB, while the third-place prize will be 20,000 THB. There will also be other awards. 10,000 THB will be rewarded to the winners of five categories:


  • The People’s Choice Vote
  • The Best by Media Choice
  • The Best chosen by arts mentors
  • The ‘Next Gen’ award
  • Bangla Never Give Up Award


There are also other prizes and gift vouchers from hotels to the tune of 200,000 THB. It promises to be a special event for those who need the most help in times of need… live performers!


The ‘Patong City Never Give Up Challenge 2020’ Phuket talent show is an exciting prospect. If you live in Phuket and want to join the event, please keep in touch with our Facebook page for more details.