A networking event like no other. Cargo Weekend is an informal gathering of logistics professionals and brand leaders in an art and lifestyle setting.


Cargo Weekend 2019 will take place in February and is conveniently scheduled between two differing logistics events, making a perfect opportunity for a trip to Hua Hin for any industry associates. The Cargo Weekend has no equivalent competition in the industry and is a truly unique event, complete with an exciting networking opportunity for logistics professionals.


Networking Event, Cargo Weekend in Hua Hin, Thailand Event Guide

Networking Event in Hua Hin has been set up differently. Thailand Event Guide


A Networking Event where You Can  Escape Comfort Zones in an Educational Playground


Cargo Weekend is a networking event like nothing experienced before. Organisers like to call it an ‘educational playground’ for those in the logistics industry and an opportunity to remove suits and ties, embarking on a journey of discovery with like-minded peers in the industry. Cargo Weekend is a treat for all the senses, showcasing great brands, educational workshops, music, art and interactive experiences.


Participate in Relevant Talks on Hot Topics during this Networking Event


Guests are invited to participate and contribute in group talks that cover a wide range of industry topics. Other scheduled activities include opportunities for personal and professional development and shared learning. The Cargo Weekend organisers believe that striving to be a better person with enhanced knowledge assists hand in hand with gaining success.


Networking Event, Cargo Weekend in Hua Hin, Thailand Event Guide

Cargo Weekend combines professionalism with leisure. Thailand Event Guide


Ad-Hoc Meeting Spaces Available at the Networking Event


All guests are greatly encouraged to participate in personal meetings with fellow logistics professionals. Networking opportunities are plentiful, and all guests are able to meet individuals from large global companies, industry suppliers and potential customers. The laid-back feel of the event provides the perfect environment for networking in an informal atmosphere.


An Industry Networking Event with a Strong Focus on Leisure

Between attending meetings, talks and integrated events, guests can soak up the comfortable atmosphere found at the Cargo Weekend event. There are plenty of food, beverage and music options available, providing the perfect backdrop for a business orientated yet fun weekend. Cargo Weekenders are renowned for delivering an event set-up that guests are yet to experience and positively removes attendees from any existing comfort zones. Cargo Weekends provide a useful yet informal setting for gaining knowledge and an excellent opportunity for new business relationships.


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