Bangkok will burst on its fundamentals with the return of Songkran 2019. A gay party that stretches three days in a row heating up the LGBT scene. Songkran has always been a colorful gay party starting with the opening on 13 and the main event on 14 April at GMM Live House and Zen Gallery with splashing boy pool parties at Royal Orchid Sheraton.

Unite during Songkran 2019

Songkran 2019 brings together Gay people from all around the world for this gay party in Bangkok, Thailand. It is the largest Gay celebration for its thirteenth consecutive year in a row that Asia has ever seen and has come a long way to provide the LGBT community with a platform to meet, dance and socialise.


Songkran 2019 is The Best Boys Entertainment in Town

This year nothing has been left untouched. With a growing demand from sponsors and venues, the organisation has secured and completed the full DJ line up for this gay party. Besides, you can adore these sexy muscled guys or hot Asian boys and, in the minority, maybe some Tomboys and Sissy girls. Most of them will wear colorful and extravagant outfits to absorb this one-time per year gay party experience.


Songkran 2019 Hosts 2 Different Bangkok Pool Parties

Location Royal Orchid Sheraton. 13:00-19:00 PM

Bangkok pool parties have become a genuine splash phenomenon in the city. During Songkran 2019 different Bangkok these gay pool parties are on 13 and 14 April.

Gay male show performs at the gathai party Songkran 12. Thailand Event Guide

Gaythai Songkran Gay Party in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

The primary and most significant event will take place on Saturday 14 April. This night is a massive celebration of sound, light, music and typical gay shows and entertainment.

Make New Friends During Songkran Gaythai Party

Songkran 2019 is a real gathering of united gays and other nationalities through the power of music and sexual orientation. Most party goers love to experience this event to the fullest. DJs fly in from all around the world to play the best beat and hottest music to entertain the crowd. Both international and Thai DJs will show up during Songkran 2019. DJ names include DJ Rosabel, DJ Alberto Ponzo, DJ Alex Acosta, DJ Erick Ibiza, DJ Mauro Mozart and DJ Enray Senna.

Songkran 2019 is a perfect opportunity for outsiders and insiders to party during these days and stay a few days longer in Bangkok. Besides this event, there are a lot of other things to do in Bangkok. During the same period, the famous S2O festival at Live Park Rama 9 will boost up their sound and bass.

Songkran 2019 will bring lots of entertainment to heat up the LGBT scene. Thailand Event Guide

Songkran 2019 Gay Party in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Book Your Hotel During Songkran 12 Event

You may become exhausted after all the partying. Be sure that you have booked a luxury room to pass out. Thai New Year is one of the busiest periods of the year. We recommend booking your hotel room as soon as possible. Hotels for Songkran  (Thai New Year) in the party area:

Near the opening, grand and closing party:

Near the pool party:

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GMM Live House @ Central World Fl.8