Gay Pride Celebration Returns To Chiang Mai For The First Time in TEN YEARS! A hugely influential and very poignant event for the LGBT community in Thailand, Chiang Mai Gay Pride returns on the 10th anniversary of the cancelled one in 2009. Join and support the LGBT network in Thailand and enjoy a series of LGBT events, talks and fun activities at this community event in central Chiang Mai.


A Landmark Celebration Halted By Violence


On February 21st 2009, the LGBT Pride celebration was sadly cancelled due to overwhelming threats of violence. This date is still regarded as the darkest day in Chiang Mai’s LGBT history, as hundreds of ‘thugs’ and supporters of the UDD Red Shirt society launched physical threats towards Gay Pride participants. Following the verbal abuse and frightening level of risks, the march and LGBT Gay Pride celebrations were forced to be cancelled.


Gay Pride Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Chiang Mai Gay Pride is back after ten years. Thailand Event Guide


Gay Pride Chiang Mai: A Union of the LGBT Network and Community


The event has been planned and organised by the LGBT network in Chiang Mai. The large team consists of the inspiring ‘Young Pride Club’, the ‘Mplus Foundation’ and various other groups and active LGBT organisations based in and around Chiang Mai. The important organisational groups involved with Pride 2019 have worked tirelessly for the past 10 years in supporting and assisting issues that surround gender and sexual diversity in Thailand. Chiang Mai pride 2019 is a celebratory landmark of progress and positivity within the LGBT community.


Gay Pride Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Chiang Mai Gay Pride welcomes you after ten long years. Thailand Event Guide


Gay Pride Chiang Mai: An Unmissable Itinerary Highlighting Community Progression


Chiang Mai Pride parade will kick off at the Chiang Mai Religion Practice Center known as Budhastan, situated at the intersection of Chareon Pratet Road. The campaign and community parade will continue onto the Night Bazaar and end at Thapae Gate. Upon arrival, several guest speakers will take to the stage to discuss the history of Pride and current LGBT issues in Chiang Mai and Thailand. The itinerary will also include a ‘Chiang Mai ambassador’ contest which incorporates a competitive catwalk and provocative question and answer session. Several connected events and afterparties will take place in Chiang Mai following the closing ceremony and end of the Pride 2019 event.

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