‘Unsettled Dust – The Asian Film Festival Chiang Mai heads to the Northern Thailand’s ‘Asian Culture Station’ on the fashionable Nimmanhaemin Road. The acclaimed festival presents film work submitted by twelve filmmakers, hailing from all areas of Asia including Thailand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and India. The ACS is a fantastic venue for the event, priding itself on providing a warm co-working space that enriches understandings between Thailand and other Asian countries.


Film Festival Chiang Mai Encourages Film Makers to Submit Content


For the film festival Chiang Mai titled Unsettled Dust, artists are encouraged to submit film-content that portrays contemporary Asian lifestyles and differing mentalities. The filmmakers hit screens and imaginations with perspectives that bring insight into daily life that is greatly influenced by growing rates of westernization and globalization.


The film festival will feature short films that introduce first-person narratives of Asian life and the personal and cultural phenomena occurring within it. It will explore social mentalities that have been restricted and thought to be endangered following rapid economic growth and financial developments.


Film Festival Chiang Mai Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

The Film Festival Chiang Mai brings 12 Asian film makers together. Thailand Event Guide


Film Festival Chiang Mai Combines Short Films and Long Discussions


Accompanying the screenings will be an in-depth and diversified discussion that explores representations, experiences, assumptions and social issues that are prevalent in areas of modern-day Asia. The goal of the festival is to provide an artistic platform for creatives while bringing an honest portrayal of contemporary life in Asia to its audiences.


The film festival is curated by Nien-Ting Chen and Jaxton Su, hitting Chiang Mai following previous screenings in the UK cities of London and Glasgow. Contributing artists include Darae Baek, Anukul Chueamon, Supapong Laodheerasiri, Xiao-Jun Li, Shubhangi Singh and Chi-Yu Wu


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