Marshmello Superstar DJ set to cause a storm for the huge EDM following in Thailand. DJ and production megastar Marshmello has announced he will appear live in Bangkok at a show in February this year. The news is set to bring sheer delight to the enormous electronic dance music community in Thailand, with Marshmello at the height of his success and hitting the Forbes under 30 list in 2018.


The man, Marshmello, behind the helmet


The EDM hero says he wants to make great music with his identity irrelevant to any of his success. The superstar DJ hides behind an eight pound, custom-made helmet worth $55,000 featuring built-in air-conditioning and LED lights. Now known as one of the 5 top-earning DJs in the World and recently revealed as American DJ Christopher Comstock, the star still continues to conceal his identity, travelling via private jet and still sporting his signature helmet at all live shows.



Marshmello worth $45,000,000 for nothing


He is known within the electronic dance music community as a generation definer and musical innovator, a singer, songwriter, DJ, producer and unique collaborator with prime focus on his art over any celebrity status. His live in Bangkok show is expected to be a quick sell out, with the DJ easily regarded as one of the most significant forces in today’s commercial EDM scene and big-name serial collaborator.


Marshmello EDM in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide

Marshmello live in Bangkok next month. Thailand Event Guide


Marshmello performs at the new Crystal Arena in Bangkok


The Bangkok live show will be one of the first events on the schedule of the new Crystal Arena in Ladprao, the latest integrated addition to the Crystal Design Center. The Live DJ Set will christen the new venue with his signature electronic music and attract the hoards of music followers and EDM fans always on the rise in Thailand. The event is organised by Passionhead and fans can expect to hear favourites such as his Justin Bieber “Where Are U Now” remix, multi-platinum Bastille collaboration “Happier” and “Wolves” with Selena Gomez.


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