James Blunt performs on 27 March in Bangkok. The concert is part of an Asian Tour which comes from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia and will continue after Bangkok to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  The concert will take place at Paragon Hall.

The tour is in honour of the new global album release “After love”. According to critics the album sounds somehow desperate and lost. The album was released on 24 March 2017. Tracks include: “Love Me Better”, “Bartender”, “Lose My Number”, “Don’t Give Me Those Eyes”, “Someone Singing Along” among other songs which are experienced as banal and inoffensive coming from this reinvention of the Twitter Lord.

Blunt has shown that he can do more than pampering women through his usually slimy songs.  Blunt rose to stardom in 2004. Eleven million copies, topping the world charts, the best 2000 album and female love for this incredible album, helped James to raise his footprint in music.

James Blunt sitting and watching in the camera for a promo shoot. Thailand Event Guide

James Blunt comes to Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide

Over the years, Blunt sold more than 20 million copies. He has received two Brit awards, MTV Video Music Awards among others as well as five Grammy nominations.

Blunt ’s debut was with “High”. The song topped the Top 100 on the UK Singles Charts. After the success of You’re Beautiful, the song finally made the Top 75 before being re-released. The song was chosen for a TVC in Italy where the song reached the Top 10.

Blunt ‘s First Album That Received Fame was Back To Bedlam

The critics initially didn’t want to write about Blunt who supported well-known artists, such as Elton John at first. His first album “Back to Bedlam” received worldwide fame with songs such as “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover”. Blunt recorded the song in Carrie Fisher’s ballroom. In March 2005, his second single “Wisemen” was released. You’re Beautiful was finally his breakthrough hit and let the world meet James.  Huge Airplays on radio stations and kicked back the “Back to Bedlam” straight to number one. The massive airplay that it received, led to the awarding of James Blunt and his songwriters. In 2005, James performed more than 90 live shows.

Blunt Received Gold Status For Some Kind of Trouble

Other albums followed; “All the Lost Souls” received the Gold Status and released in 2007. The album sold 65,000 copies in the first week. “Some Kind of Trouble” was released in 2010 and sold 100,000 copies in the first week. “Moon landing” was released in 2013. The lead single “Bonfire Heart” debuted at number six before rising to number four. The single went number one in Australia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland and was in the Top 10 in other countries.