How to make perfume hasn’t been easier. Why spend a lot of money on perfumes while it is so easy to make your scent according to the smell you love. Create a blend of essential oils and natural fragrances to compose your personalized solid perfume following perfume making techniques.


The cosmetics industry benefits from consumers’ unknown when it comes to perfumes and has made billions of dollars from us. Time to do it differently and start making perfume at home. Maybe you can gross a few million dollars along the way, but very likely, that will not happen.


Perfume Workshop Saves Some Serious Bucks

The secrets are taught during this fragrance workshop where you can create a blend of essential oils and natural fragrances. Create your personalised spray following simple perfume techniques.  


Books on How to Make Perfume


There are lots of books on this subject, but what if we tell you that there is another way. You can learn how to make fragrance on the spot, sweet and smooth, and it only takes one hour. How convenient is that? It also saves you a couple of bucks along the way.


Perfume is in the making at this workshop on how to make perfume. Thailand Event Guide

Perfume making workshop. Thailand Event Guide


Easy Steps on How to Make Perfume


During the workshop, you learn about all the ingredients required and then will start the easy steps on how to make a fragrance.


Is this not your taste, but would like to learn something, try this Bangkok workshop.


Are you interested in joining? Reserve your seat here.

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