The Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) event in Chiang Mai is a dance enthusiast’s wet dream. Chiang Mai is known for its culture and lively social scene, and is set to host an exhilarating event on June 15th, 2024, that promises to be a highlight for dance enthusiasts. The “Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) Event in Chiang Mai” will take place at the new and exciting venue, Spicy & Lucky Bar & Restaurant.


This Chiang Mai event will feature a mix of Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. It also offers a perfect blend of music, dance, and social interaction, making it a must-attend occasion for both locals and visitors. This is an event in Chiang Mai that you don’t want to miss.


This Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) Event in Chiang Mai is taking palce at Spicy & Lucky Bar & Restaurant. Thailand Event Guide


A Night of Latin Rhythms

The Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) event in Chiang Mai kicks off at 7:30 pm with a beginner-level dance class. This initial session is designed to introduce participants to the footwork and partner work essential for these dance styles. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, this class provides a welcoming and supportive environment.


Following the beginner class, a regularly-rotated dance class will take place from 8 pm to 9 pm, ensuring that everyone has the chance to practice and enjoy the dance moves. From 9 pm until midnight, the floor will be open for a social dance session, allowing dancers to immerse themselves in the rhythm and connect with others who share their passion.


Latin Dance Event in Chaing Mai: Venue Highlights

This amazing event in Chiang Mao is hosted at Spicy & Lucky Bar & Restaurant. The venue is located conveniently in Chiang Mai City. This new venue boasts a professional light and sound system, creating an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere for dancing. The smooth dance floor, air conditioning, and pool tables further enhance the experience, ensuring that attendees can dance comfortably and socialize in a relaxed setting.


For those looking to locate the venue, Spicy & Lucky Bar & Restaurant can be found via a Google Maps link or by scanning a QR code available on the event’s promotional materials. This ensures easy access and convenience for all participants, making it straightforward to find and enjoy the Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) event in Chiang Mai.


Ticket Options

To accommodate different preferences, the event offers two types of tickets, both available at the door. The Red Ticket is priced at 300 THB. It includes access from 8 pm to 12 am, covering the dance class, social dance, and a drink. For those who prefer to join later, the Yellow Ticket is available for 150 THB. It offers entry from 9 pm to 12 am, including the social dance and a drink.


These ticket options ensure that everyone can find a suitable package to enjoy the event. Whether you want to participate in the dance class or simply join in the social dance, there is a ticket that caters to your needs.


The Essence of Latin Dance in Chiang Mai

This Latin Dance event in Chiang Mai embodies the spirit of Latin dance. It brings together a diverse group of people to celebrate music and movement. Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba are famous dance styles. They are expressions of culture, emotion, and connection. This event provides an opportunity for participants to experience these dances in an authentic and vibrant setting.


Salsa is known for its energetic and lively steps. It’s a dance that encourages spontaneity and fun. Bachata, with its smooth and romantic movements, offers a contrasting yet complementary style. Kizomba originated from Angola. It’s characterized by its close and intimate connection between partners. Together, these dance forms create a dynamic and captivating experience that is sure to resonate with attendees.


This Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) Event in Chiang Mai is taking palce at Spicy & Lucky Bar & Restaurant. Thailand Event Guide


Why Attend the Event in Chiang Mai?

Attending the Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) event is more than just an evening of dance. It’s a cultural experience that allows participants to immerse themselves in the vibrant Latin dance community of Chiang Mai. The event is ideal for meeting new people. Learn new dance styles, and enjoy a night out in one of Chiang Mai’s most exciting venues.


It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of Chiang Mai or a visitor looking for an engaging and memorable activity. This event is an excellent choice. Enjoy the combination of a well-organized dance class. Revel in a welcoming social dance environment. Take advantage of the top-notch facilities of Spicy & Lucky Bar & Restaurant makes this event stand out as a premier cultural and social gathering in the city.


The Saturday Latin Dance (Salsa Bachata Kizomba) event in Chiang Mai is set to be an unforgettable night. The air will be filled with rhythm, movement, and connection. Make sure to mark your calendar and join in on this fantastic event in Chiang Mai. This is where the joy of Latin dance awaits!


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