The Little Mermaid Summer Camp is taking place in Chiang Mai, and it’s going to be great for the kids. This summer, let your child’s imagination take a deep dive under the sea with “The Little Mermaid Summer Camp” at the Chiang Mai Drama Center (CDMC). From July 15th to 19th, 2024, this enchanting camp offers children an immersive experience filled with drama, dance, and art, all inspired by the beloved tale of The Little Mermaid.


Hosted at the CMDC Mae Hia Market from Monday to Thursday and concluding with a grand performance at a local theatre on Friday, this camp promises a week of creativity, learning, and fun. Are your kids ready for some drama fun? Let’s do it.


The Little Mermaid Summer Camp is taking place in Chiang Mai Drama Center (CDMC).


A Week of Wonder at the Little Mermaid Summer Camp

Each day of the camp begins with a 9am drop-off time, where children are welcomed into a world of magical sea creatures, mermaids, and underwater adventures. The camp runs until 3pm, with a structured schedule designed to engage young minds and bodies in a variety of creative activities.


Morning Sessions: Drama and Dance

The mornings are dedicated to drama and dance workshops, where children will have the chance to explore their acting skills and learn choreographed dance routines inspired by The Little Mermaid. With professional instructors guiding them, the young participants will delve into character development, storytelling, and stage presence. Comfortable clothing is essential, as these sessions are dynamic and energetic.


Afternoon Sessions: Art and Crafts

After a hearty lunch at noon, the afternoons are filled with art and crafts sessions. These sessions encourage children to express their creativity through various mediums, including painting, drawing, and crafting. Given the hands-on nature of these activities, children should wear clothes that can get a bit messy. The aim is to create props and set pieces for the Friday performance, allowing the children to contribute directly to the visual elements of their final show.


Nourishment and Hydration

The camp fee of 7000 Baht covers all activities, as well as lunch and snacks each day. The meals are designed to be nutritious and delicious. This ensures that the children have the energy they need to participate fully in all the activities. Water will be provided, but parents are encouraged to send their children with a named water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.


The Little Mermaid Summer Camp is taking place in Chiang Mai Drama Center (CDMC).


Safety First

Safety is a top priority at the Little Mermaid Summer Camp. Upon drop-off on Monday, parents are asked to verify their contact details to ensure that the camp staff can reach them if necessary. This attention to detail helps create a secure environment where children can focus on having fun and learning new skills.


The Grand Finale

The highlight of the week is the Friday rehearsal and performance. After spending the morning refining their skills and putting the finishing touches on their art projects, the children will head to a local theatre for final rehearsals.


The week culminates in a spectacular performance at 2:30pm. The young actors and artists will showcase everything they have learned. This is a proud moment for both the children and their families, offering a chance to celebrate the hard work and creativity that went into the camp.


Why Choose The Little Mermaid Summer Camp?

The Little Mermaid Summer Camp at CMDC offers a unique blend of performing arts and visual arts. It offers a comprehensive creative experience for children. The camp is designed to nurture imagination, build confidence, and develop new skills in a supportive and fun environment. Here are a few reasons why this Chiang Mai event stands out:


  1. Expert Instructors: The camp is led by experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching and inspiring young minds.
  2. Comprehensive Program: The blend of drama, dance, and art ensures that children have a well-rounded artistic experience.
  3. Performance Opportunity: The final performance gives children a goal to work towards and a platform to showcase their talents.
  4. All-Inclusive Fee: The camp fee covers all activities, meals, and snacks, making it a convenient option for parents.
  5. Focus on Safety: The camp’s emphasis on safety and communication ensures peace of mind for parents.


The Little Mermaid Summer Camp is taking place in Chiang Mai Drama Center (CDMC).


Register Now

Don’t miss the chance to give your child an unforgettable summer experience. Register now for The Little Mermaid Summer Camp at Chiang Mai Drama Center and watch your child’s creativity blossom. For more details and to secure your spot, please contact CMDC for more details and ticketing.


Embark on this enchanting journey and let your child’s imagination swim freely in the world of The Little Mermaid. It’s a week of adventure, creativity, and joy that they will cherish for a lifetime.


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