Are you ready to dive into the mystical world of Tantra? Imagine lush green surroundings, serene meditation spaces, and a community of seekers coming together to explore the ancient wisdom of Tantra. The 6-day Tantra Immersion Level 1 Retreat at Amrita Integral Yoga Centre in Mae On, Chiang Mai, Thailand promises just that. Let’s unpack this transformative experience step by step.


Before we delve into the retreat details, let’s demystify Tantra. Often misunderstood as purely sexual, Tantra is a profound spiritual path that embraces all aspects of life. It’s about weaving the sacred and the mundane, the physical and the metaphysical. Tantra invites us to explore our inner energies, connect with the universe, and awaken our consciousness.


6-day Tantra Immersion Level 1 Retreat at Amrita Integral Yoga Centre in Mae On, Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide


The Retreat Experience

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

As you arrive at the retreat center, you’ll be greeted by the scent of frangipani blossoms and the warm smiles of fellow participants. The orientation session sets the tone for the days ahead. You’ll meet your teachers, learn about the retreat schedule, and receive a beautiful mala (prayer beads) to wear during the retreat.


Day 2: Law of Resonance

The morning Hatha yoga session introduces you to the Law of Resonance. Imagine tuning your inner radio to the frequency of love, joy, and abundance. Through asanas (yoga postures) and breathwork, you’ll learn to attune yourself to higher vibrations.


Day 3: Shiva and Shakti

Tantra celebrates the dance of opposites—the divine masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies. In lectures and discussions, you’ll explore how these energies manifest within you. Shiva represents stillness and consciousness, while Shakti embodies movement and creative power.


Day 4: Tantric Sensuality

Contrary to popular belief, Tantra isn’t just about sex. It’s about sensuality—the ability to fully experience life through your senses. You’ll engage in sensory meditations, taste exotic fruits mindfully, and perhaps even dance under the moonlight.


Day 5: Yoga Body Postures

Hatha yoga takes center stage. As you flow through sun salutations and warrior poses, you’ll infuse each movement with intention. The asanas become gateways to deeper awareness. Imagine feeling the energy flow through your spine as you hold a gentle twist.


Day 6: Integration and Closing Ceremony

The final day brings integration. You’ll reflect on your experiences, share insights with your fellow participants, and express gratitude. The closing ceremony involves chanting mantras, lighting candles, and sealing your intentions. You’ll leave with a heart full of love and a mind expanded by Tantra’s wisdom.


6-day Tantra Immersion Level 1 Retreat at Amrita Integral Yoga Centre in Mae On, Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide


Accommodation and Nourishment

Your cozy room overlooks the lush gardens. Each morning, you wake up to the sound of birdsong. The vegetarian meals are prepared with love—fresh salads, nourishing curries, and herbal teas. And yes, there’s a hammock where you can read, nap, or simply gaze at the sky.


As you bid farewell to the retreat, you carry the essence of Tantra within you. You’ve touched the sacred, danced with the cosmic energies, and connected with fellow seekers. The 6-Day Tantra Immersion is just the beginning—a stepping stone on your path to self-discovery.


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