The first weekend in February sees the return of the exciting ‘Bike for Elephants‘ group tour, all taking place in the beautifully exotic Northeast of Thailand. Participants can look forward to two full days of adventure and sheer experience, as you are led through mountains, views, forests and the stunning national parks of Chanthaburi. The charity cycle tour provides a perfectly crafted route, loaded with unmissable locations, incredible nature and simply breathtaking views.


The Annual Bike For Elephants Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


The event is hosted by ‘Bring the Elephant Home’; an organization aiming to conserve Asian and African elephants while working towards the ambition of becoming an authority on human-elephant coexistence. Their mission is to increase the chances of survival for elephants worldwide while creating a world where people and elephants can coexist in harmony. They work to preserve elephants worldwide by rebuilding damaged ecosystems, creating suitable and improved habitats for elephants and working to eliminate the causes of human-elephant conflicts. Bring the Elephant Home also work to implement testing and sharing knowledge about sustainable solutions while researching new technologies to encourage human-elephant coexistence. They are congratulated on encouraging local participation, empowerment of local communities and raising awareness of nature and elephant conservation through a range of fun and exciting events.

Bike for Elephants. Thaliand Event Guide

Bike for Elephants. Thailand Event Guide


Bike For Elephants and Raise Hard Needed Funds

An annual bike ride is a charity event that raises money to support the Bring the Elephant Home mission and the progression of wild elephant conservation projects. The bike ride is an excellent opportunity for cycle-enthusiasts, biking newbies or those just wanting to make friends, support a great cause and gain some fun-fueled exercise!


The Route
Tentative Route: From Ridge to Reef (120 km)

Day 1:
08.00 – 18.00 Cycling from Khun Song – Pawa in Kang Hang Maew district, around 50 km on and off-road. Visit the beehive fences project, taste fresh honey, and we even have a chance to see wild elephants!

Day 2:
8.00 – 17.00 Challenge to the reef, ride 60 km to Thailand’s incredible route by the sea. Destination: Chalermburapha Utit viewpoint.

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  • Event - 55%
  • Location - 58%
  • Price - 33%
  • Experience - 52%