This Bangkok Poetry Slam event is set to take the spoken word in the city to another level. You don’t get many Bangkok poetry events. So when you do, they need to be savored and enjoyed like a fine wine. The vibrant energy of Bangkok merges with the creative force of spoken word poetry. This is culminating in a special event that is poised to captivate hearts, minds, and souls.


This special Bangkok Poetry Slam event is taking place at the Live Lounge BKK on 15 December 2023. And if you are a fan of the literary arts, you’re in for a real treat. Live Lounge BKK will play host to an extraordinary gathering of poets, wordsmiths, and spectators as they come together for the much-anticipated Bangkok event. Are you ready? You should be!


This Bangkok Poetry Slam, spoken word in the Bangkok poetry events. Thailand Event Guide


Bangkok Poetry Slam Event details

The Bangkok Poetry Slam has evolved into a cultural phenomenon over the years, providing a platform for poets to unleash their inner muses and for audiences to witness the power of words. With its unique blend of talent, diversity, and expressive artistry, this event promises an unforgettable night of verse and emotion.


The Venue: Live Lounge BKK…


Live Lounge BKK, situated in the heart of Bangkok’s entertainment district, is the perfect setting for the Bangkok Poetry Slam. Known for its dynamic atmosphere and commitment to showcasing emerging talent, this venue provides an ideal backdrop for the spoken word community to shine.


The dimly lit room exudes an air of intimacy, drawing the audience into the world of the poets. The stage, adorned with a simple microphone and a spotlight, is where poets will step into the spotlight to share their thoughts, dreams, and vulnerabilities through the art of spoken word.


Diverse Voices Unite for Bangkok Poetry Extravaganza

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Bangkok Poetry Slam is the diversity of voices it attracts. Poets from all walks of life, hailing from different corners of the globe, converge on the stage to share their unique perspectives. From seasoned slam poets to newcomers finding their voice, the event welcomes all.


The event’s inclusivity serves as a testament to the power of poetry to transcend boundaries and connect people on a deep, emotional level. Audiences can expect to hear poems in various languages, exploring topics ranging from love, identity, and social justice to personal growth and introspection.


The Thrill of Competition…


At the heart of any slam event lies the competitive spirit that fuels the poets’ performances. The Bangkok Poetry Slam adheres to the classic slam format, where poets are given a limited time to perform their pieces. A panel of judges scores each performance based on criteria such as delivery, originality, and emotional impact.


As poets take the stage, the atmosphere crackles with anticipation. The audience becomes an integral part of the competition, reacting with cheers, snaps, and applause, ultimately influencing the judges’ scores. The tension is palpable, but it’s all in good spirit, as the essence of slam poetry lies in its ability to provoke and evoke.


The Power of Vulnerability

Slam poetry thrives on raw, unfiltered emotion, and the poets at the Bangkok Poetry Slam lay their hearts bare for all to see. It’s in this vulnerability that the true magic of the event unfolds. As poets speak of their deepest fears, their most profound joys, and the struggles that define them. This profound connection forms between the stage and the audience.


Each poem is a revelation, a snapshot of the poet’s soul in that moment. The audience, in turn, responds with empathy and understanding. It’s a cathartic experience for both poets and listeners, an emotional exchange that leaves an indelible mark.


Beyond Words: The Impact of Spoken Word Poetry…


While the Bangkok Poetry Slam revolves around the spoken word, its impact extends far beyond the event itself. The power of poetry lies in its ability to inspire change, to provoke thought, and to spark conversations. Many poets who have graced the stage at the Bangkok Poetry Slam have used their words to advocate for social causes and raise awareness about important issues.


In this way, the event becomes a catalyst for positive change, harnessing the collective power of words to make a difference in society. It reminds us that poetry isn’t just an art form; it’s a force that can shape our world.


This Bangkok Poetry Slam, spoken word in the Bangkok poetry events. Thailand Event Guide


Get Your Tickets for Bangkok Poetry Slam 2023

It’s really important to secure your tickets for the event because the venue is cozy and quaint. Poets and audience members alike will come together to celebrate the beauty of words. The strength of diversity, and the unbreakable bonds that poetry can forge.


Tickets for the event 300 THB for both poets and spectators alike. The doors at Live Lounge BKK will open from 7pm. And if you are a performing poet, you need to get registered by 7:30pm.


In a world that often seems noisy and disconnected, the Bangkok Poetry Slam offers a rare opportunity to pause, reflect, and be moved by the power of human expression. It’s a night that promises to be filled with passion, inspiration, and, most importantly, the magic of poetry. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this unforgettable event. This is where words become more than just letters on a page—they become the heartbeat of a community.


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