There is nothing like a Bangkok Drum & Bass night. We don’t get them too often in the city. So, when we do, it’s something that DnB enthusiast dream about. This brings us neatly to the “Jungle Jam presents Jappa” Bangkok Drum & Bass event at the Decommune venue.


For those who don’t know, this type of event will blow off the roof. It’s gonna be mega hot, so all you dance music fans out there might want to sit up and take notice. This brilliant Bangkok drum & bass night will be taking place on 16 December 2023, and it promises to be wicked man things!


Bangkok Drum & Bass night at the "Jungle Jam presents Jappa" event in Decommune venue. Thailand Event Guide


Say Hello to the Decommune Venue in Bangkok

Decommune is the perfect venue for a ball-busting Bangkok drum & bass event. The venue located in the heart of Bangkok’s creative district on Phra Sumen Road. This is the ideal setting for an event that celebrates diversity in music.


This innovative and trendy venue has earned a reputation for hosting unique and avant-garde events. With its industrial-chic aesthetics and state-of-the-art sound system, Decommune promises an immersive audio-visual experience that will take attendees on a sonic journey like no other.


Bangkok Drum & Bass Lineup: A Diverse Spectrum of Sounds

“Jungle Jam presents Jappa” is not just another Bangkok electronic music event. It prides itself on its commitment to showcasing a diverse spectrum of sounds, bridging the gap between various musical genres. The lineup for this event is nothing short of spectacular, featuring both local and international talent.


Headlining the event is the enigmatic DJ and producer, Jappa. Hailing from the vibrant underground music scene in Berlin, Jappa is known for his ability to seamlessly blend different genres into a unique and unforgettable musical experience. His sets are a journey through time and space, with influences ranging from dub techno to ambient, jungle, and everything in between. Jappa’s performance promises to be the highlight of the night, captivating the audience with his impeccable mixing skills and emotive track selection.


Supporting Jappa are some of Bangkok’s finest DJs and producers, each bringing their own distinct style to the event. From deep house to breakbeat, techno to drum and bass, the lineup at “Jungle Jam presents Jappa” has something for everyone. Attendees can expect to hear a kaleidoscope of sounds, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment on the dancefloor.


The Visuals: A Feast for the Senses

Music is not the only art form that will be on display at Decommune on the 16th of December. “Jungle Jam presents Jappa” places a strong emphasis on creating a multisensory experience for its attendees. The event will feature mesmerizing visuals and immersive light installations that synchronize with the music, enhancing the overall atmosphere and taking the audience on a visual journey that complements the sonic one.


Tickets and Accessibility…


Tickets for “Jungle Jam presents Jappa” are available online and at selected outlets in Bangkok. The event offers various ticket options to accommodate different budgets, ensuring that as many people as possible can partake in this unforgettable night of music and art. Decommune’s central location makes it easily accessible by public transport, ensuring that attendees from all corners of the city can join in the festivities.


Tickets for this amazing Bangkok drum & bass event are only 300 THB per person. So, it’s a very affordable night of live DJ fun that you don’t want to miss.


A Jungle Music Night to Remember

“Jungle Jam presents Jappa” promises to be an unforgettable night for music lovers and adventure-seekers in Bangkok. With its diverse lineup, immersive visuals, and commitment to inclusivity, the event embodies the spirit of unity through music. Decommune, with its avant-garde atmosphere, serves as the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary gathering of music enthusiasts.


Bangkok will come alive with the beats and melodies of “Jungle Jam presents Jappa,” and for those in attendance. It will be a night to remember. The boundaries of sound and creativity will be pushed, and the power of music to bring people together is celebrated in all its glory. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind Bangkok drum & bass event. It promises to leave a lasting impression on the city’s ever-evolving music scene.


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