Sensation, the world’s most significant dance show event, is long-awaited but finally confirmed for Bangkok, Thailand. Be part of a new Sensation event on 29 July at BITEC after being absent for four years.

Sensation world's largest dance event. Thailand Event Guide

Inside Sensation, the worlds largest dance event. show. Thailand Event Guide

After two editions in 2012 and 2014, Sensation will put its beats on the ground with an entirely new show. We will update the information as it unfolds.

Here is what we know so far besides the white dress code.

Top DJ Names Play at the Sensation Show

Eric Keijer, director for Sensation; “top DJ will play at Sensation, and the hardcore fans will not be disappointed.”

The expected Sensation Event is a brand-new event. The event will start touring from next month, and a preview will be available on YouTube at the end of March after Sensation Brazil has experienced it. Sensation is a spectacular event that covers wow-screaming audiences, light spectacles, lots of pyrotechnics and other effects. The Sensation MC Gee and Mr White will also be present.

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Heineken presents Sensation Thailand once again.

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  • Event - 85%
  • Location - 72%
  • Price - 54%
  • Experience - 78%


Bitec – Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre