Was ‘El Camino’ Breaking Bad Movie a Waste of Time?

Was the ‘El Camino’ Breaking Bad movie much needed to tie up loose ends or a waste of time and energy? It’s a question that is being routinely asked by Breaking Bad fans far and wide. And there is no definite answer.


The former AMC classic TV drama series Breaking Bad was famous for having absolutely no fat whatsoever. It was quite possibly the most neatly-trimmed and complete TV drama series ever to be created. And you know what they say… if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

El Camino Breaking Bad Movie was Great, But was it Needed?

El Camino Breaking Bad movie was Great, but was it needed? What do you think?

El Camino Breaking Bad Movie Details

When the finale of Breaking Bad was screened back in 2013, it was the most talked-about TV show on the planet. The finale was the culmination of 5 seasons watching the main protagonist Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) go from an innocent and fragile high-school chemistry teacher with cancer to one of the scariest and most ruthless drug kingpins of all time. It was the ultimate roller-coaster ride. Or perhaps a modern-day Greek Tragedy would be a better way to describe the progression of the show.


With lots of controversy surrounding the finales of The Sopranos, The Wire, and more recently Game of Thrones, we can safely say that the Breaking Bad finale was as close to perfection as possible. So why make the El Camino Breaking Bad movie sequel at all? For money? We don’t think so. To clear up some storylines? Not really. So why?

El Camino Breaking Bad Movie Reception

Some Breaking Bad fans and aficionados always wondered what would happen to the main supporting character in the movie, Jesse Pinkman, skillfully played by Aaron Paul. This El Camino Breaking Bad movie was following Jess in the aftermath of the carnage left behind by Walter White. But should Vince Gilligan have made the movie or left the Breaking Bad universe as it was? Only you can answer that question.

El Camino Breaking Bad MOvie Sequel

Do you think the El Camino Breaking Bad movie sequel should have been made?

El Camino: The Pros and Cons

The Pros: we finally got to see what happened to Jesse. We saw how he initially escaped the scene, his reunion with Skinny Pete and Badger, and some backstory on his relationship with Todd while being his hostage. We got some closure on the story of Jesse. That was pretty much what the film was for.


The Cons: The original Breaking Bad series was pretty much perfection. Why would you mess with perfection? Especially when a sequel can affect the original. See The Matrix and its sequels for this theory. The original should have been left alone for prosperity.


I personally think that the El Camino Breaking Bad movie should have never been made. It’s not a bad movie by any means. It was quite enjoyable, but not on the level of Breaking Bad in terms of drama or anything else. What do you think?


You can watch El Camino on Netflix Thailand by clicking here. You can also watch the entirety of Breaking Bad on Netflix too. If you are ever going to watch a TV drama series, this is the one.