3 Dream Jobs in Thailand

Are you looking for dream jobs in Thailand? Most people see Thailand as one of the most popular and desirable tourism destinations in the world. But did you know that you can find your dream job here?


Most normal jobs in Thailand are reserved for Thai people. Most menial and labor-based jobs are off-limits for foreigners. However, dream jobs are much more accessible to foreign ex-pats.


There is a thriving job market in Thailand for ex-pats with all manner of skills. Because Thai people are not really in the upper echelons of the world in terms of speaking the English language, this opens up lots of work options in Thailand. Especially in the tourism market. Here are 3 dream jobs in Thailand for foreign workers that offer a decent wage and an excellent way of life.


Dive Instructor in Thailand – Dream Jobs in Thailand

Scuba Diving in Thailand - Dream Jobs in Thailand

Being a scuba diving instructor is one of the dream jobs in Thailand

Many people come on holiday to places such as Pattaya and Phuket. And while they are here, fall in love with scuba diving. Thailand has some of the best dive spots in the world. And the industry is always on the lookout for English and foreign-speaking dive guides and instructors to cater to tourists.


If you are already a PADI certificated dive instructor, you might be able to turn up in Pattaya and visit the city’s best dive agents and it won’t be long before you find yourself a scuba diving job. The industry is always looking for English speaking dive instructors. And what a way to live life, doing something you love in paradise and getting paid for it. Turn your dream into reality today. If you are not certified, you can do your courses here at any one of the country’s most reputable dive agencies. This is one of the most desirable dream jobs in Thailand for foreigners.


Personal Shopper in Thailand

One of the most interesting dream jobs in Thailand is to become a personal shopper. Do you have your finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and have a keen eye for style? If so, you could put your skills and knowledge to use as a personal shopper. If you are a former fashion model or have experience in the fashion world, many hi-society Thais seek your recommendations for fashion clothing and accessories. Cities such as Bangkok have many options for those looking to be a personal shopper and style advisor. Making this one of the most interesting dream jobs in Thailand.

Dream Jobs in Thailand - Elephant Conservation

Elephant conservation jobs in Thailand are dreamlike for animal lovers

Elephant Conservation Jobs – Dream Jobs in Thailand

The elephant is seen as a sacred animal in Thailand. This majestic beast is one of their national symbols. If you have had experience with wildlife conservation or have a deep and meaningful love for elephants, there are lots of options for you in Thailand. Many elephant conservation camps in Thailand are always on the lookout for help. This is especially important in this day and age as elephants are now on the endangered species list. These are mainly volunteer jobs available, but there are also opportunities to get paid to do something you love.


In modern times, elephant parks are becoming more conscious. The health and safety of elephants are now more important than ever before. Many zoos and elephant trekking companies in Thailand are being forced to change their ethos. Giving elephants a good life is now essential to some of these businesses.


Are you looking for dream jobs in Thailand? If so, here are three of the best. Just remember that you will need a proper work permit to perform those jobs. It’s your responsibility to ensure you are working within the parameters of Thai immigration laws.