Disney + Asia Superhero in the Pipeline Says Kevin Feige

It appears that a Disney + Asia superhero movie or character is being planned by the world-famous company. And this is directly from Marvel Studio’s president, Kevin Feige.

There are indeed no Asian superheroes at the moment, so it’s long overdue. The news is great for Asians as Disney + Asia is now available in Singapore. The story is being reported by music news website NME.

Disney + Asia Superhero planned for Future

A potential Disney + Asia superhero has been mentioned by Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige.

Disney + Asia Superhero in the Works

Kevin Feige talked about the potential of a Disney + Asia superhero movie or character in the near future. He talked about this at a recent press conference to launch the Disney + streaming platform across Singapore.


In a Q&A session at the press conference, Feige was asked about the possibility of seeing a Southeast Asian superhero. And he responded that you “won’t have to wait too long.” And people are now surmising that the upcoming release of the Southeast Asian culturally inspired Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney is a step in the right direction. This movie is expected to be released across Disney + Asia on 5 March 2021.

Disney + Asia Superhero in teh Works

Disney + was recently launched by the platform across Singapore and other SE Asian nations.

Disney + Asia is Available in Singapore

If you want to know exactly what Kevin Feige said in regards to the launch of Disney + in Asia and a possible new action movie star for the subcontinent, he said:


“It’s high time that we get a Southeast Asian Marvel superhero on Disney +. And I think you won’t have to wait very long at all. We’ve announced a number of shows and we’ve got more in the works. As I said, the world outside your window, no matter where you are, is what the Marvel world will represent.”

Other Asian Movies on Disney +

It seems like Disney + is taking its soiree into Southeast Asia very seriously. They have already been making Asian inspired movies over the recent months that will release in the future. In fact, there is already a Disney + Asia inspired action movie on the way. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is an Asian-led superhero film whose filming was completed last October. And is planned for release on the platform in June 2021.


It seems that Disney + and Marvel Studios are really taking their venture in Southeast Asia extremely seriously. It will be interesting to see how many original Asian inspired movies and shows will be created in the future. And it seems like the answer is ‘quite a lot’. You can click here to learn more about Disney +.