Did you Know This About Thai Culture?

Are you a Thai culture know-it-all? I KNOW I am! If you have lived in Thailand for a number of years or have been visiting the nation for a long time, you probably think you know everything about the Kingdom and Thailand culture.


If so, maybe there is nothing more for you to know or learn. Or maybe you think you know it all but really don’t. I am starting to confuse myself now. Here are some amusing and interesting things about Thai culture that you maybe didn’t know… or maybe you did!


The World’s Most Expensive Pet Wedding was in Thailand

Thai Culture Cat Wedding

Thai culture fact: Thailand hosted the most expensive cat wedding ever

Do you ever remember watching Paris Hilton carry around that little dog in her pocket and thought she was taking pet-love to new levels of embarrassment? What an idiot, right! She has now been forgiven because she was really just playing at the game and does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as THIS sycophantic pet worshipper.


Thailand holds the record for the most expensive pet wedding in the world. This was way back in 1996. And it still hasn’t been surpassed today. Largely due to the fact you don’t find many pet lovers with this kind of stupidity in the world. Phet and Phoy were two cats, but not just normal cats. They had a type of glaucoma that gave their eyes a diamond appearance, which is considered lucky in Thailand.


Their owners lavished a wedding ceremony to wed the cats that came to an earth-shattering 400,000 THB with over 500 guests. 15 million baht’s worth of presents was given to the cats. Alongside a dowry that tipped the scales at 550,000 THB. The bride was brought a Rolls Royce and the groom a helicopter. If that wasn’t already mind-bending enough, a parrot was best man and an iguana was maid of honor. That’s pure pet decadence right there.


Thai Culture Irony: The World’s Tallest Girl

Aren’t those lovely Thai people small and petite in terms of height? That’s the impression we have anyway. However, in the most stunning sense of irony, the tallest woman in the world was from Thailand. 17-year-old Malee Duangdee was the tallest girl in the world, scaling in at an impressive 6ft 10 inches, which would even make The Undertaker think twice. A few short years later, Malee was upstaged by a 16-year-old from America, named Marvadenne Anderson, who is now the tallest at 6ft 11 inches. Who would’ve thought that someone in Thailand could have grown to such heights? You learn something new every day about Thai culture and its people.

Most Veterinary Surgeons in a Single Operation

How many Thai vets does it take to fix an elephant? I suppose the answer relies on what is broken on the elephant in the first place. Well, the answer is 30 vets. Once upon a time, a lovely elephant named Motola was taking her morning graze in the jungles of Lampang when she stepped on a land mine and blew part of her leg off.


30 vets worked in tandem to operate on the 38-year-old Motola in the Hang Chat Elephant Hospital in August 1999. God knows why you would need 30 vets for one operation, But I am no expert on such matters. Incidentally, Motola was given enough anesthetic to knock out 70 people. Motola was fitted with an artificial leg and went on to survive the accident and operation. Too many cooks spoil the broth? Maybe not in Thai culture!


Bangkok is a Mouthful

Bangkok City

The real name for Bangkok is a mouthful. Try saying it when you are sober or drunk!

You have a dirty mind… I know what you were thinking! It doesn’t mean what it sounds like, on so many levels. We all know Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, but its real long-name takes the pronunciation skills of Harvard professor. Bangkok’s real name is: “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.” Say that after 10 Chang Beers.


Enrolling in Monkey College

Monkey college… yep, that’s right, monkey college! You heard me right the first-time bozo. Thailand has a college for monkeys, and it’s called the Thani Monkey College. Monkeys of all ages and types can learn street-performing tricks, how to collect coconuts, and much more. Don’t let your pet monkey run amok in Central Festival… send him/her to college. Thai culture really is one of the most unique and eclectic in the world. It never ceases to amaze me.

Thai Culture Fact – Always Wear Your Underwear

Remember when your mum used to say, “Make sure you wear clean underwear today, just in case you are involved in an accident?” No? Just me? Although wearing your underwear in everyday life in many countries is voluntary, there is a rule in place that requires you to wear underwear when you leave home every day in Thailand. Just make sure they are your lucky draws and that they are clean.


$15,000 For a Cocktail

Thai Culture Cocktail

Thailand is home to the worlds most expensive cocktail

Next time your check bin is approximately 1,000 THB, when you think it should be closer to 800 THB, just remember that the most expensive cocktail in the world costs almost 15,000 USD and was created in Thailand. Yep, I know, mad, right? The Vivaldi Restaurant in Bangkok served the world’s most expensive cocktail. This was served as a special ‘Millionaire’s’ Valentine’s Dinner. It was garnished with a 5-karat ruby that was a lavish replacement for an olive, and also came with a grand 6-course dinner and a one-night stay in their luxury hotel… oh, and a bottle Dom as well.


Thai Culture Fact – Pattaya has More Nightlife Venues than Las Vegas

When we think of the party capital of the world, you would automatically think of somewhere such as Las Vegas. With its around-the-clock partying and casino-fueled nightlife, nor forgetting the cacophony of lap dancing clubs and live theatrical performances, you would think that no other place in the world could match such a hedonistic hotspot unless you had visited Thailand before of course. Did you know that Pattaya has more concentration of bars and nightlife venues than Las Vegas? It might seem unfathomable that Pattaya has more bars than Vegas, but if you have spent any time on Walking Street Pattaya, Soi 6 and 7 or Soi Buakhao and you will quickly change your mind.


As you can see, there is more than meets the eye where Thai culture and interesting things are concerned. Who would have thought you can fix an elephant or enroll a monkey in college? With more bars than Las Vegas, and a capital city name that can only be pronounced by non-intoxicated Thai scholars, not forgetting being the home to an extremely tall person and a 15k USD cocktail, Thailand is full of surprises.