Community, Events, Tickets & Experiences in Thailand

Thailand Event Guide is changing for website improvements, and we add a live community, flights, top hotels worldwide, tickets and experiences to the website for a better experience.  We want to give you more content, commerce, subscriptions, cheap tickets and payments.

Launch of a New Life Community

Besides changing site structures and menus, we have added a community around events, entertainment, travel & lifestyle. You can add friends, share info, become a member of groups or lead topics in the forum. The community is free to use. Become a member. You will be in the know about relevant news and upcoming events and are the first to know about any deals or perks. 


For organizers who promote an event on the website, we link the event to the ticket channel where you can buy flights or event tickets to make it easier. We also publish a map showing top hotels worldwide or online travel agencies around events that you can book. 


The deal page will soon add a way to claim offers. It is more convenient to make a reservation or request more information. We will add more features in the coming weeks to increase your experience on the site.


Thailand Forum. Join the Community. Flights, top hotels, cheap tickets and better experiences on Thaland Event Guide


Book Experiences All in One Place

Besides reading news or location listings, you can also book top hotels worldwide in the Thailand Event Guide flight section, and you can book your flight and hotels worldwide. Thailand Event Guide will display a hotlist of the cheapest tickets available. Under the travel section, we have added experiences in different cities around Thailand and available for booking.


If you like what we do and want to receive updates, subscribe to our newsletter for relevant updates about events, cool places and the latest news or sign up for the community, as it is now entirely free. In the next upgrade, we will include on how we can connect you to upgrades and improved experiences.