Bridgerton is the Most Popular Netflix Show Ever According

It’s being reported that Bridgeton is the most popular Netflix show of all time. And this is according to the streaming giants themselves. If this is true, it’s fantastic news for Netflix and their original series.


Have you watched Bridgerton yet? If you like period drama style shows and romantic dramas, this is right up your proverbial alleyway. But the most popular Netflix show ever? Really?

New Netflix Show Bridgerton

Bridgerton is being called the most popular Netflix show ever by the streaming platform

Most Popular Netflix Show Ever

Netflix has reported that their new original series, Bridgerton, was watched by a whopping 82 million accounts in the first month of its release. The popularity of the show has surprised many, although it was expected to do well on the platform. But 82 million? That’s a lot.

Some will be surprised to learn that Bridgerton is not the most popular Netflix show ever. The show now overtakes other popular shows such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Lupin, and the fourth season of Money Heist, which are the other four shows now behind Bridgerton. It seems the platform has finally broken into the female audiences it has been trying to find.

Most Popular Netflix Show of All Time

Is Bridgerton really the most popular Netflix Show of all time? Maybe, maybe not! Only for two minutes.

Gauging the Most Popular Netflix Show Ever

Did you know that Netflix counts a show as ‘watched’ after just two minutes? Yep, those figures can really give the wrong impression. By hey… rules are rules. This might not be the best way to gauge the most popular Netflix show ever, but that’s the way it is.


For instance, you do not even see the two main protagonists in Bridgerton in the first two minutes of the first episode. And if you do watch two minutes, you are already ranked as seeing 0.4% of the show. That seems a bit strange. But Netflix has long said that this process is used as a measure of how its reach for advertising goes.

Bridgerton Popularity on Netflix

Is Birdgerton more popular than Stranger Things, Ozark, and Better Call Saul? It’s quite surprising if it is. Skewed viewing figures aside, the show is a very female orientated romantic drama set as a period drama. It’s not the most alluring show for male viewers, but the figures don’t lie. Although they can be shaped and span.


Have you watched Bridgerton on Netflix yet? 82 million have apparently watched at least two minutes of the show. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about, click here to watch the most popular Netflix show ever. And the best thing about Netflix is that you do not pay any extra, so you can watch it or drop it at your own time and pace.