The Trisara Resort Phuket is not only one of the most luxurious sea-view resorts in Phuket, but also has an ultra-modern atmosphere and stunning attention to detail. 

Find Trisara basking on the pristine shores of Phuket, within proximity to Naithon Beach in an exclusive location at Northwestern Phuket.

The Phuket Resort is a short drive to Phuket International Airport, Set amidst luscious jungles with views out to the crystal waters of the Andaman Ocean, Trisara Phuket is a real paradise hotel that makes dreams come true. 

The name Trisara in Sanskrit translates as “The Garden in the Third Heaven”, epitomizing the balance of stunning natural beauty and a real sense of charm and feeling. Catapult yourself amidst the breathtaking Tropicana at Trisara Phuket where relaxation, rejuvenation and contemplation are the hallmarks of their success.


Escaping the Mundane at Trisara Phuket


Trisara in Phuket is everyone's wish for your upcoming Thailand holiday. Thailand Event Guide

Trisara in Phuket is everyone’s wish for your upcoming Thailand holiday. Thailand Event Guide


Trisara Phuket is a luxury resort in Phuket that combines the best elements of Modern Asian design with a jaw-dropping ocean view location and a mesmerizing choice of stylish Zen-style accommodation options. With a wide range of serene suits, ocean-facing pool villas and residential villas with varying layouts and bedroom choices, the Trisara Phuket accommodations come equipped with luxurious interiors, lots of modern features and a creative environment that awakens the beauty within.


Trisara Phuket is home to 39 hotel-style serviced villas and 20 larger residences that offer spectacular views just a short distance to the fluffy sands of Naithon Beach. Some come equipped with soothing Infinity Edge swimming pools while enjoying decadent interiors and a peaceful serenity not found very often in the world of today. Trisara is a resort that will help you forget the rigours and stresses of modern-day life to fulfil your desire for calm and tranquillity.


Award-Winning Phuket Cuisine


Trisara Resort in Phuket. Thailand Event Guide

Trisara Resort in Phuket. Thailand Event Guide


The perfect accompaniment to the 5-star Trisara Phuket villas is delicious dining options, which Trisara has nailed to perfection. Healthy, tasty and stylish, utilizing locally sourced produce from local farmers and fishers, the Phuket dining options at Trisara are out of this world. Take your taste buds on a journey to eternal Nirvana by dining at one of Trisara’s award-winning eateries.


Enjoy a stunning cocktail or a stylish after nightfall directly on the beach with Trisara’s beachside eatery, The Deck. The menu combines the best elements of both Thai and Western-style cuisine to create something that not only tastes phenomenal. Trisara presents the food in an artistic and chic way. Every weekend you can enjoy the Trisara Sunday Jazz Brunch that combines amazing barbeque food in a beachside location while soaking up the sounds of their excellent in-house jazz bands to the accompaniment of the waves.


Dreamy 5-Star Phuket Hotel Facilities


Resort Phuket, Trisara is one pearl of the Andaman. Thailand Event Guide

Resort Phuket, Trisara is one pearl of the Andaman. Thailand Event Guide


Enjoying a spot of pampering is why we have holidays in the first place. Rejuvenation, beautification and aligning your body’s vibrations is the only way to leave your busy life in the Western world behind. The onsite Jara Spa at Trisara is a veritable paradise for those who seek to scrub away life’s excesses.


Benefiting from the spa’s holistic 5-pillar philosophies, which was inspired by a century-old Ficus Tree that is the centre-piece, Jara’s treatments mimic the tree’s actions such as nourishing the roots, feeling at one with the earth and using inner-reflection and outward beauty to create a unique experience that can change your life. Bring the glow back to your mind, body and soul, by experiencing their treatments that include Thai massages, oil massages, Samunpai scrubs and wraps, meditation, Thai hot massages and much more. You can even take Thai massage classes if you want to learn this ancient art.


Your holiday is like a movie, and you are the leading star. That’s right, Trisara has an in-house digital studio with state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment to create a story in pictures and video of your holiday at Trisara, recorded and edited by the resort’s impressive creative team.


Getting Married at Trisara Phuket


Trisara Resort in Phuket, Thailand Event Guide

Trisara Resort in Phuket, Thailand Event Guide


Trisara has an onsite team dedicated to organizing stunning 5-star beach weddings on their 1,000sqm teak deck terrace, surrounded by mesmerizing palm trees overlooking the ocean. If you are saying yes to your significant other, Thailand is the perfect place for a couple to get married, while basking amidst untold beauty.


There are quite a few breathtaking choices when getting married at Trisara. You can experience the ultimate glamorous wedding with their stunning ‘Walk-on-Water’ wedding ceremony, which is perfect for those who want to most memorable and glittering wedding affair.


If you are seeking a more tranquil and secluded Phuket wedding experience, we would suggest you opt for one of the Trisara wedding packages that offer a secluded beach wedding setting, which is beautiful if you want to keep your wedding a private and peaceful affair, while still basking amidst many beauty am capturing moments that last a lifetime.


Exciting Phuket Nightlife Options


Trisara Resort is the ideal location for weddings and events. Thailand Event Guide

Trisara Resort is the ideal location for weddings and events. Thailand Event Guide


Trisara Resort Phuket is in a tranquil and peaceful location in the northernmost part of Phuket Island, which essentially means, it’s all about relaxation, and not so much about partying. However, who goes on holiday to get fit? Nobody! We all seek nightlife entertainment on holiday, and Phuket has its fair share. The nearest areas to Naithon that have bars and entertainment are places such as Surin, Bang Tao, Laguna and Kamala. Although these areas have a more laidback bar scene, you can find some real gems.


When it comes to the Phuket nightlife scene, the best place to visit is Patong Beach, just a 25-minute drive from Trisara. 


Phuket offers an exotic and beautiful holiday scene, and with a hotel that reaches the lofty heights of excellence such as the Trisara Phuket Resort, you can explore the island.

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