See the Thailand’s contemporary art scene through the vision of one of the country’s oldest families. MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum celebrates Chiang Mai and Thai art.

The Bunnag-Beurdeley family founded The Contemporary Art Museum MAIIAM in Chiang Mai

Throughout its history, and well into the modern day, Chiang Mai has been a haven and home for Thai artists. The harmonious co-existence of rural and urban seemed a draw for artisans from all over the Kingdom. To this day, Chiang Mai still embraces artistic collaboration. This sense of community moved the Bunnag-Beurdeley family to share their private collection. So, they founded MAIIAM Museum of Contemporary Art (MAIIAM) in Chiang Mai.

Jean Michel Beurdeley, his late wife Patsri Bunnag, and their son, Eric Bunnag Booth, founded MAIIAM around their private collection. By sharing their artistic viewpoint through their works, the family endeavours to encourage others to understand art through both the creator’s and the viewer’s eye. This way, they may inspire others to start or build on their collections.

People watching Thai art. Thailand Event Guide

Contemporary Art Museum Chiang Mai Maiiam. Thailand Event Guide

Contempory Art Museum MAIIAM is a Tribute to Thai Art and History, Past and Present

The contemporary art museum’s name combines the “Mai” for “new” from “Chiang Mai” and the name of a Bunnag ancestor, “Chao Chom Iam”, who was a royal consort to King Rama V, who also saw Thailand develop and accept modernity. The combination then creates a play on words “MAI IAM”, or “brand new”.

The museum’s site in Chiang Mai also combines old and new, rural and modern. The foundation is in a converted warehouse in Sankampang, a district known for villages of skilled artisans. Maintaining its original industrial character, the architects also integrated traditional Thai elements such as mirrored tiles as found in many Thai temples in the region. Maiiam is not only ideal for displaying art, but also for activities such as discussions, musical performances, and other artistic, creative events.

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