Thailand prepares itself for allowing cannabis use for medical reasons. The liberalisation of cannabis laws in the Kingdom. The World Ganja Festival 2020 is set to take place at Mukdahan in Nakhon Phanom Province. This Thailand cannabis event will be taking place from 29 January 2020 to 02 February 2020. It promises to be something a little unique in the nation. We want to warn you that this is not a stoner affair with lots of people sitting in a field smoking joint. This festival to promote the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and how it could positively affect the Thai economy.



Beneficial Thailand Cannabis Event 2020

This beneficial Thailand cannabis event is all about promoting the medical uses of the plant. The event will show how it can be an essential cash crop for Thai people. The event is organised by The Association of Researchers of Thailand, with help from the private and public sectors. The group is also joining forces with the Thai Nationalism Foundation and the Journalist and Media Association of Thailand along with local governments and administration groups in the provinces of Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan. The event will be hosted by 420Phillippines and held on land near to Nong Yat Reservoir, which is located in the heart of Nakhon Phanom.


Medical Cannabis - World Ganja Festival - Thailand Event Guide

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was invited to the cannabis World Ganja Festival. Thailand Event Guide


Changing Face of Cannabis Laws in Thailand

Although cannabis has and still is deadly illegal for recreational usage, the changing face of cannabis laws in Thailand offers hope, especially for those who want to use the plant in a medical capacity. One of the honorary advisors for the event, Gen. Charan Kullawanit, has recently said that this Thailand cannabis event will be a platform for an exchange of knowledge in regards to the medical aspects of ganja. The event will also promote Thailand. It offers advice in regards to growing quality strains for medical use. The General and hordes of businesspeople see this as a great opportunity to strengthen the Thai economy by using the plant as a cash crop.


World Ganja Festival - Thailand Event Guide

This beneficial Thailand cannabis event is all about promoting the medical uses of the plant. Thailand Event Guide


World Ganja Festival 2020 Info

The event will be free to visit. Any industry insiders who want to know more about the festival can contact them directly. Please remember that this Thailand cannabis event is not a place for illegal activities or to meet for a smoking session. The 2020 World Ganja Festival is all about business, economics and the health sector.

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