Discover a tried and true method for casting jewellery at Atelier Rudee. Learn how to use cuttlebone to make moulds for your jewellery creations.

Atelier Rudee in Bangkok Teaches Cuttlebone

For centuries, artisans have used the material from squid and similar creatures to create moulds. One side is porous and will take shape – the other hand is non-porous, preventing seepage and spills. You can use them singly or in pairs to create a full form. It creates a unique surface for the casting as well. In Thailand, you can find plenty of them at the beach, so this is an inexpensive material that’s readily available!

Cuttlebone workshop. Thailand Event Guide

Cuttlebone Workshop. Thailand Event Guide

Create Your Shapes Using Cuttlebone at Atelier Rudee in Bangkok

At this one-day course, you will learn how to prepare and carve the mould. After which, you will cast your piece using the 10 grams of silver that are part of the fee. You are welcome to bring additional silver to use! Other workshops in Thailand

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