The ‘Around the World in 180 Minutes’ wine dinner event at Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok promises to be one of the chicest Bangkok dining events of 2020.


Are you a fan of fine cuisine and even finer wines? If so, you cannot afford to miss the Around the World in 180 Minutes wine dinner. The Sala Hospitality Group and Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok are the perfect hosts for this fantastic night of culinary explosions.

Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok - Around the World in 180 Minutes

Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok is hosting the Around the World in 180 Minutes dining event

Exclusive Wine Dinner at Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok

Come along to Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok to partake in the ultimate gastronomic event of the year. The Around the World in 180 Minutes wine dinner will take place on 3 December 2020 and will blow your mind. If you are a culinary vulture, this is one Bangkok dining event you don’t want to miss.


The wine dinner is a 6-course meal with complimentary wines in conjunction with one of the event’s partners, Central Wine Cellars. This is the second event of its kind and is expected to be as successful as the first one. Enjoy the 6-course meal, exceptional wines, and some delicious canapés while basking in the rooftop location of the event.

Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok Dining Event

Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok hotel is one of the most stylish in the city

Around the World in 180 Minutes Details

The stunning 6-course meal is crafted by Sala boutique’s executive chef, Fernando Roman. As the name suggests, the menu is a real globetrotting menu that takes in cuisine styles from the four corners of the globe.


There will be delicious cuisine styles from Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, France, Italy, and Spain. The 6-courses will take in dishes and influences from all those monumental places. And the best part if you will get to sample the perfect wines that are paired with the dishes to make the experience complete.


Some of the recommended dishes on the menu will include Argentinian Ceviche as a starter, amazing oysters and a crustacean curry, mussel gnocchi, succulent beef tenderloin, and much more. You will be wowed by the quality and the chic style of this amazing menu.

Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok Wine Dinner Ticket Prices

Although this 6-course meal sounds immensely high-end and exclusive, the ticket prices are extremely affordable. The ticket price includes the 6-course menu, canapés on the rooftop terrace, and lots of stunning wines to compliment the food, and to enhance the experience.


Ticket prices are only 2,900 THB per person. Beat that for value. When taken into account the level of food, the price is very affordable.


We would suggest that you book a ticket now. This Around the World in 180 Minutes wine dinner at Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok is unmissable. The food, the wine, and the atmosphere will merge to create one of the best Bangkok dining experiences in 2020.

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