One of Thailand’s most famous exponents is their ladyboy culture, most importantly, famous transgender or LGBTQ in today’s modern world. One of the biggest celebrations of Thailand’s ladyboy culture is the annual Miss International Queen Coronation Night, which is held every year at Tiffany’s Show Pattaya. It is one of the more interesting Pattaya events of the year and will be taking place on the evening of 7 March 2020.



Miss International Queen Pageant

The Miss International Queen 2020 Coronation Night is now in its 15th year making this a monumental anniversary for the event. This year’s winner will achieve the crown on this coronation night. It will showcase some of the most stunning ladyboys in Thailand. It is a celebration of a changing world and changing attitudes towards transgender people. The event will be a glittering affair with some amazing ladyboy show extravaganzas that promise to be spectacular and memorable. In terms of Pattaya events in March, this will be one of the most talked about. Amazing Thailand, AirAsia, Woodlands Pattaya and Pratunam Polyclinic officially present The Miss International Queen 2020 Coronation Night.


Miss International Queen Coronation Night - Thailand Event Guide

Nguyễn Hương Giang, Miss International Queen 2018, from Viet Nam. Thailand Event Guide


Pattaya Events 2020

Do you live in Pattaya or will you be in the popular beachside destination during March? Make sure you attend this glittering event that will give you an insight into Thailand’s exotic world of ladyboys. The shows at Tiffany’s Pattaya are already world-famous and known for their flamboyance, decadence and extravagance. If you happen to be in Pattaya at any time of the year and want to visit ladyboy show, Tiffany’s Show Pattaya is located in the centre of the city near to Art in Paradise. They have a show every night of the week. The Tiffany shows are not seedy in any way. They are the kind of shows you would expect to see in Las Vegas with lots of lights, costumes and high production values.


Miss International Queen Coronation Night - Thailand Event Guide

Jazell Barbie Royale, Miss International Queen 2019, from the USA. Thailand Event Guide


Get Your Tickets Today!

Because it’s the 15th anniversary of the event, we would recommend that you book your tickets in advance, moreover, VIP tickets cost 3,800 THB per person, while standard Mezzanine tickets cost 2,800 THB per person. Make sure you book your tickets for the magnificent Miss International Queen 2020 Coronation Night. You do not miss one of the most spectacular Pattaya events of the year!