The great news is that the Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 will definitely take place this year. There was lots of debate on whether or not this year’s festival would take place, it has been given the green light.


Do you want to enjoy something a bit different? Are you in Pattaya in late-November or are you looking to visit somewhere for a few days to get away from Bangkok? If so, the Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 will once again bring you the high-octane excitement that only fireworks can bring.

Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 - Pattaya Events

Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 will once again take place on Pattaya Beach Road.

Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 Taking Place in November 2020

The Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 will be taking place along Pattaya Beach Road on 27 and 28 November 2020. This popular event has taken place annually over the past few years and has become a real player on the Pattaya events calendar. You do not want to miss this year’s installment of the event.


Originally, the event was organized in conjunction with the birthday of the late King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The beloved King might have passed away, but the fireworks display is still held in his honor.

Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 - Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya Fireworks Festival is expected to attract many tourists to the city in November

What’s Going On? Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020

The normal repertoire for the Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020 is for teams from varying nations to compete against each other to see who has the best fireworks display.


Although the event usually has an international atmosphere, this year’s event might be different due to COVID-19. It has not been detailed whether or not we are going to see international teams competing or not at this year’s event.


The usual routine for the event is for the teams to perform a small fireworks display on the first night of the event. The teams would then do a full 45-minute display on the second night. A winner was then decided by a judging team who would choose and announce the winners. However, there has been no news on whether this year’s event will run in a similar way.



Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya Beach Road will once again be the home for the Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020. The event is more than just a fireworks competition. There are food stalls, markets, concerts, and much more to compliment the event. We are still waiting for the full news about what we can expect from this year’s event.


If you live in Pattaya, you already know what is about to go down. If you want to get away from Bangkok for the weekend, many people book hotel rooms adjacent to Pattaya Beach Road so they can watch the fireworks in comfort.


Make the special journey down to Pattaya this November to catch the popular Pattaya Fireworks Festival.


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