Paul Gilbert, The international guitar hero invites the rockers of Bangkok for a night of air guitar anthems.


For those sick of the Bangkok concerts catering to the teenie boppers, avant-garde indie groups and Ed Sheeran masses, Paul Gilbert is bringing a touch of Dad-rock to the Thai capital, just in time for Christmas. The virtuosic heavy metal and rock guitarist will showcase solo works and creative takes on rocks biggest anthems, sure to please rock and metal fans, live in Bangkok!


The Behold Electric Guitar Asia Tour 2019

Paul Gilbert, celebrated hard rock guitarist, is one of the world’s greatest guitar players. Enjoying high ranks in both Guitar World’s 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time and GuitarOne magazine’s Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time, the rock maestro will embark on a tour across Asia this winter. His lengthy career has brought success with bands Racer X and Mr Big, alongside famous collaborations and critical acclaim as a solo artist. Heading across Asia in December, Paul Gilbert will play a mix of rock anthems, solo favourites and hits from both bands of his career.


Paul Gilbert brings some rock to Bangkok

Paul Gilbert is bringing a touch of Dad-rock to the Thai capital. Thailand Event Guide


A Teenage Rock Wonder with a Solid Rock History

Paul Gilbert started out playing in bands as a teenager, growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gilbert was featured in Guitar Player magazine with his gigging band Tau Zero By at the tender age of 15. After consistent gigging, a stint with Ozzy Osbourne and record-label interest, Paul Gilbert was followed by A&R reps from US labels throughout his studies at the Guitar Institute of Technology. Following his graduation, Paul Gilbert formed his band Racer X in 1985. The heavy metal band released two full-length albums before announcing a hiatus, later re-branding in the 90s to release three more albums; Technical Difficulties, Superheroes and Getting Heavier. Another Racer X break led Paul to form Mr Big with Billy Sheehan. The band are hugely celebrated in the rock world and known for massive hits such as ’Just Take My Heart and To Be With You’ which made #1 in 15 countries!



Paul Gilbert – Live in Bangkok 2019

Later in his career, Gilbert enjoyed enormous success with solo projects, releasing 14 studio albums and collaborating with the likes of Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy. Following the release of his new album ‘Behold Electric Guitar’, the global rock god is heading out on an international tour to celebrate. Bringing new tracks, a full band and a complete discography of hits to Thailand in December, Gilbert will headline the RCA Arena in Bangkok. Thai rock masters Vinai Trainateepakdee, Pop Worrawit, Bom Nuttee and The Six Pack, will support him. Don’t miss this incredible night of rock, jazz and metal this December!



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