Bon Iver – Live in Bangkok. Music snobs and bearded-plaid shirt hipsters form a line. The ultimate in indie-folk royalty is coming to play live in Bangkok in 2020.


Possibly one of the most exciting international concert announcements for 2020, the emotional and beautiful soundscapes of Bon Iver are set to make their Bangkok debut. Heading out for their first Asia tour, Justin Vernon and crew have announced a selection of dates and Bangkok won’t be missing out. Let the pronunciation arguments of the Thailand-indie masses commence!


Justin Vernon of Bon Iver having fun on stage. Thailand Event Guide

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver having some fun on the stage. Thailand Event Guide


Bon Iver = Bon EYE-VER or Bon-EE VARE?!

Inspired by the French for ‘Good Winter’, the case settled it is Bon-EE-VARE. With that out of the way, onto the good news. Bon Iver has announced a string of dates in Asia for 2020 and Bangkok, with its incredible taste in music, has cut. Bringing the bold and falsetto stylings the band have gained critical acclaim and notoriety for, this is set to be a wonderful evening in the Thailand capital. Expect live performances of stunning favourites such as Holocene, Flume and of course, heartbreak-anthem Skinny Love. The live concert is not a music event to be missed and is set to be a highlight on the international concert calendar for Bangkok in 2020. 


Justin Vernon of Bon Iver poses with the Best Alternative Music Album

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver poses with the Best Alternative Music Album “Bon Iver” award and the Best New Artist award at the 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2012. AFP PHOTO


Complex, Stripped-Back and Ground-Breaking Indie-Folk Goodness

After facing the breakup of a former band, frontman Justin Vernon fled for solitude and set to work on building his sound in a remote cabin in the winter woods of Wisconsin, USA. The product was a unique, emotional and harrowing collection of new material; destined to make waves in the indie-folk scene. Days spent simply recording, writing, chopping wood and embracing isolation would bleed into the hugely acclaimed album ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’; a debut LP release that would be the first step in a tremendously successful career. Falsetto vocals, musical backgrounds, aged equipment, soul-baring lyrics and layered choral fillers would give Bon Iver a signature sound that has launched indie-folk into the mainstream ever since. With Skinny Love going on to receive integral status on any breakup playlist, the band has carved a deserving state as one of the stand-out artists of this generation, and we cannot wait to welcome them to Bangkok.



Bon Iver – Live in Bangkok 2020

The announcement will please many fans who suspected their chances of a live Bon Iver experience would be shattered back in 2016. The band announced a ‘winding-down’ period, and a long-term hiatus was instantly presumed with Vernon working on other projects. Luckily, following Grammy nominations and a string of festival announcements in 2017-2018, the band returned in August 2019 with new material and exciting collaborations on the brand-new album ‘i, i’.

Bangkok promoter ‘ViIJI CORP’ is famous for bringing some of the most exciting and underground international artists to the Thailand capital and are also to thank for the Bon Iver debut. Hailed as one of the best ‘breakup song artists of all time’, be sure not to miss Bon Iver live at Moonstar Studio in January…and don’t forget the tissues!