Noel Gallagher, the one half of Oasis is heading back to Bangkok, bringing his solo venture with him.


Lead guitarist and the brother probably responsible for the lyrics to your favourite Oasis song will soon be returning to Thailand. Headlining Live Park in Rama 9, Noel Gallagher will head to Bangkok with his ‘High Flying Birds’ solo project; the band is often known to throw in the occasional Oasis anthem too. 


Noel Gallagher, the one half of Oasis is heading back to Bangkok, bringing his solo venture 'High Flying Birds’ project. Thailand Event Guide

Noel Gallagher performing live on stage. Thailand Event Guide



Noel Gallagher – One of Britain’s Most Iconic Artists – Live in Bangkok

Rock legend Noel Gallagher is making his way back to Asia, this time with his famed solo-project ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’. Kicking off his career as one half of Mancunian Britpop legends ‘Oasis’, Noel is flying high indeed, living the single life after ongoing feuds with brother Liam Gallagher. The band, who split back in 2009 are responsible for massive hits such as Don’t Look Back in Anger, She’s Electric, Stand By Me and of course Wonderwall; arguably the bands most popular hit and an inevitable inclusion on any setlist at any Bangkok open-mic. Oasis is an essential band of the 1990s and Thailand is set to be in the company of indie royalty on November 30th. Don’t miss rock legend Noel Gallagher live in Bangkok 2019.


An Exciting Addition to the International Concert Calendar in Bangkok

Noel Gallagher will join the 1975, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, John Mayer and Maroon 5 in an incredible year for live music in Bangkok. Although some music aficionados would argue that Noel Gallagher is in a different league than newer artists; it cannot be denied that the live music and gig scene is only getting bigger and better in the Thai Capital. The bushy-eyebrowed Manc will headline Live Park, a fantastic venue for anthemic rock, conveniently located in the easily accessed Rama 9 district. For 90’s Brit-poppers looking to live out their indie dreams in the dead hope of an Oasis reunion, solace can be found in rumours of the standard inclusion of huge Oasis hits in the ‘High Flying Birds’ setlist. Don’t worry, those dreaming of screaming ‘And so Sally can wait’ at the top of their lungs, might still be in luck!

Gallagher ‘s Brand New ‘This is the Place’ E.P Out Now!

The Asia tour announcement follows the release of Noel’s latest E.P ‘This is the Place’; a record that includes Noel’s most recent hit ‘A Dream is All I Need to Get By’. Amongst Oasis anthems, concert-goers can look forward to renditions of famous solo hits such as ‘In the Heat of the Moment’ and ‘Holy Mountain’. The huge November gig will be brought to you by event organizer ‘The Very Company’ and support acts are yet to be announced. If the amount of Oasis covers knocking one the music scene’s doors of Bangkok, this is sure to be a complete sellout!


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