The wellbeing of the mind and body are becoming more important than ever before as the world shifts into a more conscious way of living. If you want to take your spiritual, mental and physical health to another level, the Asian Wellness Conference 2020 will be taking place in Bangkok at The Knowledge Exchange: KX from 30 October 2020 until 1 November 2020. If you are already a fan of yoga, dance, Pilates and spiritual betterment, you do not want to miss this celebration of exercise, yoga and new age beliefs in Bangkok.

Asian Wellness Conference 2020

Spiritual and Physical Improvement

Are you a fan of yoga living in Bangkok? Or are you new to these age-old forms of exercise and want to know more? Whether you are new to yoga and Pilates or want to learn more, the Asian Wellness Conference 2020 is a very beneficial Bangkok event to attend.

If you have never done yoga before, there are some of the best yoga practitioners in Asia visiting the event. There are yoga workshops taking place over the 2-day conference not only from Thailand but from neighbouring nations and even from Europe and beyond. It doesn’t matter if you speak Thai, English or German, as there are many different yoga teachers on hand with many different languages.

Asian Wellness Conference 2020 Info

Asian Wellness Conference 2020

Asian Wellness Conference 2020

Alongside the vast plethora of yoga instructors performing at the Asian Wellness Conference 2020, there will be dance and Pilates instructors on hand to take you through your paces and to teach you more about spiritual and physical wellness. There will also be lots of talks taking place to cover various subjects in conjunction with wellbeing. The conference is one of the most informative Bangkok events of the year for those who already love new age ideals or those who want to change the trajectory of their life in a positive and health-conscious way!

Wellness Conference Ticket Prices

If you want to visit the Asian Wellness Conference 2020, we would recommend that you book your tickets early. Ticket prices for the event will cost 2,500 THB per person per day or 3,500 THB for a 2-day ticket. If you are serious about your yoga and Pilates, or you simply want to know and learn more about these forms of mental, spiritual and physical practices, attending this amazing Bangkok conference will take your life to the next level.

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  • Location - 45%
  • Price - 43%
  • Experience - 58%
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