One of the most exciting festivals taking place next year is the Harvest Festival 2021 Hua Hin. Hosted at the captivating Monsoon Valley vineyard, the event promises to be the start of something special. The main opening event takes place on Saturday, 20 February 2021.


The festival will be something new and exciting and will be the start of a new era of events for Hua Hin. The inaugural Harvest Festival 2021 will be held at Monsoon Valley on 20-27 February 2021. We believe that this will become one of the most popular and eagerly awaited yearly events in Hua Hin.

Harvest Festival 2021 Hua Hin

Harvest Festival 2021 Hua Hin will be a popular event with people of all ages and nationalities. There will be many different activities taking place at the event. And there will be lots of entertainment, games, live music performances, loads of food options, and an amazing selection of top-notch wines from Monsoon Valley.


There will be live music, lots of food and drink options, and the opportunity to have a guided tour around the Vineyard in the days after the. You will be able to partake in ‘Grape to Glass’ winemaking courses that will give you a special insight into how wine is created from beginning to the end. The Grape to Glass classes will cost 390 THB per person. This event will give you the chance to enjoy all the food and drink that is sourced in the Hua Hin region.

Harvest Festival Hua Hin 2021 Event

Harvest Festival Hua Hin 2021 will be one of the most exciting events for the region

Harvest Festival 2021 Hua Hin Exclusive Wine Dinner

One of the best mini-events taking place amidst the festival is the ‘Exclusive Wine Dinner’. This event will take place on 20 February 2021 near the end of the festival.


This Exclusive Wine Dinner will include top wines from the vineyard and a delicious sunset dinner to complement the wines. There will also be exclusive souvenirs as part of the ticket price. If you want to partake in the Exclusive Wine Dinner, the early bird ticket prices are 2,000 THB per person and 1,000 THB. for a child. Silver, Gold and Platinum Table sales are also available.


Monsoon Valley Vineyard Hua Hin

The Harvest Festival event promises to be a top-notch event to promote the best from the Hua Hin region. Monsoon Valley already has a reputation of being one of the best vineyards in Thailand with some amazing products.




The vineyard was first established back in 2001 and has become a major player in the Thailand wine scene. They are now known for producing some of the best wines in Thailand, all of which you can buy and sample at the festival.


Are you looking to visit one of the most exciting events early next year? If so, you need to visit the Harvest Festival 2021 Hua Hin. Click here to purchase tickets or click on the shopping cart on the left side of the page.

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