Thailand is one of the most prosperous nations in SE-Asia in terms of powerlifting. They have had numerous successes in the Olympics. You can catch one of the most prestigious Thailand powerlifting events taking place in Asia this year. The tournament will take place at Ascott Sathorn between 10 April 2020 and 12 April 2020. SEA Cup 2020 will get you excited because it is one of the biggest sporting events in Thailand in the first half of 2020.

SEA Cup 2020


SEA Cup 2020 Schedule

This monumental Thailand powerlifting event will be taking place over three days. The first day (Friday 10 April) will mainly be for meetings and the opening ceremony. The main competition days will be on Saturday (11 April) and Sunday (12 April). Thailand has some of the best powerlifting competitors from across Asia. The attendance and atmosphere for the event will be very loud and exciting. If you want to catch some of the best powerlifters in Asia, the SEA Cup 2020 is the place to be.


SEA Cup Thailand Powerlifting Event - Thailand Event Guide

Competitors from all nations will be partaking in this event. Thailand Event Guide


International Powerlifting Competition

This international powerlifting competition is one of the largest of its kind in SE-Asia. The tournament is being organized in conjunction with the Asian Powerlifting Federation, the International Powerlifting Federation, and the Thai Powerlifting Federation. There are other organizations involved with the event such as IPF Member nations from across the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore Brunei, Thailand, and Vietnam. Competitors from all those nations mentioned above will be partaking in this event. If you are a powerlifting fan, you can’t afford to miss this stunning sea cup 2020.


SEA Cup Thailand Powerlifting Event - Thailand Event Guide

SEA Cup 2020 will be an enjoyable and exciting event to attend. Thailand Event Guide


World-Class Powerlifting

This high-quality Thailand powerlifting tournament will be taking place at the Ascott Sathorn Bangkok hotel. It is located in the heart of the city on South Sathorn Road Yannawana and easily accessed from all parts of Bangkok. If you are a powerlifting fan, this will be a great opportunity to see world-class powerlifting in Bangkok. Even if you are not a fully-fledged weightlifting fan, the SEA Cup 2020 will still be an enjoyable and exciting event to attend. If you are Thai and want to cheer your countrymen and women along, we would recommend that you get over to Ascott Sathorn to support the event and the competitors. It promises to be a memorable few days of action, especially if you are into powerlifting!

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