Everyone loves a good burger! Well, not vegans, vegetarians or cows, but you get my sentiment. If you are in Phuket and want to discover the island’s best burger, the “Phuket Best Burger” competition will be taking place at Blue Tree Phuket on 14 November 2020. It is the 6th annual edition of this popular Phuket event, which once again will be a great chance for you to find some of the best culinary options on the island.

Phuket Best Burger Competition



Best Burger at Blue Tree Phuket

Some of the Phuket best burger makers and restaurants will be showcasing at Blue Tree Phuket. The Phuket’s Best Burger event has grown massively since its inception. At their inaugural event, only ten burgers took part in the competition. Last year, 27 burgers were vying for the title with a similar number expected at this year’s event. The burgers will come from some of Phuket’s best chefs and restaurants, so you know it’s going to be a quality affair.


Judging Changes to Phuket’s Burger Event

As there are so many burgers now entering the event, the judging has completely changed. There used to be five judges who would decide the best burger, but from this year onwards, it will be the public in attendance who will judge and vote for the best options. This event will be a much fairer way to do things. I know we joked about vegans and vegetarians not loving burgers, but there is actually a veg-burger section in the completion as well this year, so everyone is welcome. So if you want to find the best meat, and veg burgers, in Phuket, make sure you get over to the venue too so some sampling and to cast your vote.




Phuket Event Details

The burger event will be taking place from 5 pm to 10 pm at Blue Tree Phuket, which is located at Cherngtalay near to Bang Tao Beach on the northwest coast of the island. Over the past few years, this event has been very busy, so we are expecting much of the same this year. Blue Tree Phuket is free to enter for the event, so you know it will be packed to the rafters. We suggest that you should get there as early as possible. Are you looking to find the best burger? If you are, you will not want to miss this fascinating Phuket event. We hope you enjoy the burgers and make your vote count.

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