The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Thailand. The Kingdom is like a home to many major businesses and small ones. If you are a part of the Bangkok beauty sector, the Bangkok Beauty Show 2021 might be a must-visit event. This important conference will take place at BITEC Bangkok on  15-17 July 2021. The Beauty Show 2021 will be the premier event of its kind this year in Thailand.

Bangkok Beauty Show 2020

Visiting the Bangkok Beauty Show 2021

The Bangkok Beauty Show 2021 will run alongside the K-Beauty Expo Bangkok. The conference will be a beauty trade expo at the BITEC Centre in Bangkok. The event mainly focuses on Business to Business (B2B) trade. Moreover, this conference will incorporate all manner of beauty industry products and features. If you are involved in the Bangkok beauty trade, this event is completely unmissable. If you want to step ahead of the game, the conference will be very beneficial to your business.

Bangkok Beauty Show 2020

Bangkok Beauty Conference Details

This will be the 3rd year of the Bangkok Beauty Show 2021 and the 5th year of the K-Beauty Expo Bangkok. The expo will showcase all manner of products from the beauty industry. There will be many stalls promoting products that cover cosmetics, hair, nails, perfume, health, spa, salon and other beauty products. There will also be areas for machinery and equipment, and all manner of things concerning manufacturing. The event is expected to attract approximately 10,000 and over 250 exhibitors from the health and beauty sector across Thailand, both large and small.

Beauty Expo Tickets

If you are a player in the Thailand health and beauty industry and you want to promote your products at the Bangkok Beauty Show 2021, you can contact the event’s organizers directly. As the expo is predominantly a trade show to promote the business to business trade, you will have to register directly from the official website for more details on tickets and prices. At the time of writing, ticket prices have yet to be confirmed. As we said, you can keep in touch with the info by visiting the Bangkok Beauty Show 2021 official website and official Facebook page. If you are a beauty industry professional or business owner, you simply can’t afford to miss this conference and trade show.

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