Make sure you party the start of 2021 at the Amari Pattaya New Year’s Eve Party. It’s been a surreal year, but the only way to get over is the say goodbye to 2020 in the most exciting and fun way possible. “The Show Must Go On” is different than usual of celebrating a countdown in a positive sense. This Pattaya event brings a turbulent combination of dining and stage entertainment, stardom, Pattaya countdown and fireworks with a sublime finale of a not to be missed Lux DJ Party. Buy tickets for these upcoming events.


Find the time to get away from Bangkok for the night to celebrate New Year in Pattaya is a wise decision to make and when you are already in Pattaya then this is the best New Year plan you can make? “The Show Must Go On” is a new way to celebrate the New Years Countdown. The Pattaya New Year’s Eve Party Countdown Festival is the best choice you can make and you won’t regret it. The mini-festival countdown event will take place in and around the grounds of the stylish Amari Pattaya resort on 31 December 2020.


Pattaya New Year's Eve Party 2021 at Amari Pattaya

The Amari Resort Pattaya New Year’s Eve Party to bring in 2021 promises to be a special affair

Pattaya New Year’s Eve Party 2021

The best part about this non-stop action-packed Pattaya New Year’s Eve party is that it’s ideal for the family to celebrate and for couples and singles to party hard. The festival will be set over three different phases, and you can choose to buy tickets for the dinner event which automatically includes the Superstars Concert, Countdown and massive Fireworks. If you are not into dining or family stuff or have planned outside eating, you can choose to buy tickets for the Superstars Concert, the Lux DJ Party or both and join the party later that evening.




The Pattaya New Year’s Eve Party countdown festival event starts with the “The Show Must Go On” to kick off proceedings on the grounds of the Amari Pattaya Resort, which is located directly on Beach Road. The Dining Event will have a great menu and will run from 7 pm to 10 pm and will also include onsite stage entertainment. The grounds of the Amari is decorated in a festive outdoor festival event with booths and superb entertainment.


Superstars in Concert


The ‘Superstars in Concert’ is the second phase that will take place on the beach lawn with separate entrance and which will be in another part at the resort. This Superstars Show will take place from 10 PM until 1 AM. There will be live performances from famous Thai artists who will perform with a full band. This will also coincide with celebrating the start of 2021 at midnight and includes a fireworks spectacle that hopefully blows the COVID out of the sky for good. The concert is an exciting 3 hours non-stop show of dancing on big songs from these Thai Superstars, including AB Normal, Nuvo, Mai Charoenpura and Big Ass.




Lux DJ Party – Pattaya New Year’s Eve Party

The third phase of the festival will be the spectacular Lux Party. This club party will be taking place at the Beach Quarter Event Space which was the previous Mantra Restaurant on the beach road and will present DJ’s spinning the best club and dance music until the early hours.




The Lux Party Club will open from 11 PM until 4 AM in a non-stop clubbing extravaganza and will be absolutely the coolest way to get 2021 in the right mood. Wait for the DJs to be announced in the next couple of weeks. We can assure you that this Pattaya Countdown 2021 is the coolest and out of the ordinary. It will be one of the most popular events to end 2020 and the limited tickets on sale sell fast.



Ticket Packages for New Year’s Eve Party

Buy Early Bird Regular and VIP Tickets for this Pattaya Event. The Show Must Go On Combi tickets combines dining with the 4 Superstars Concert. You can also buy tickets for the Superstars concert or the Lux Party separately or together. Early-Bird offers stands until 23 November 2020 so be quick if you not want to lose out on the discount.

The Show Must Go On – tickets include dining, entertainment, superstars concert and fireworks. Early Bird Adult tickets for Dining entertainment, Superstars in Concert and Fireworks cost 5,900 THB. per person. VIP Tickets cost 12,500 THB. per ticket. You can buy tickets by clicking the shopping cart on the left side of the page which brings you to the ticket channel. Children 1-5 years are free. Tickets for children between 6-12 years old cost 1,500 THB. per child. Tickets for the Superstars in Concert cost THB. 3,000 for one regular ticket and THB. 5,000 for one VIP Ticket. The Lux Party cost 3,000 THB.for a regular and 4,000 THB for VIP per event ticket


You can also choose to book a one night’s stay at the stunning Amari Pattaya Resort or surrounding hotels. It’s the perfect way to celebrate New Year if you are already in Pattaya or want to get away from Bangkok for this special night of fun.

Buy tickets directly on Thailand Event Guide. Buy now and reserve your spot for this special Pattaya New Year’s Eve party Countdown. You do not want to miss out on the party fun!

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