Hua Hin Bus. Hop On Hop Off in Town

Hua Hin Bus has today soft-launched the Hua Hin Hop On Hop Off route. An unlimited stepping in and out between Banyan Residences and Hua Hin Airport. A bus ticket costs only 300 Baht. After travellers return to the Kingdom, an extra bus service will connect Bangkok and Hua Hin. This article is especially meant to share the routing and timetable of this new Hop On and Hop Off Service in the Royal beach town.

Hop On Hop Off Bus Hua Hin

As we said earlier, the Hua Hin bus will start service on 19 December 2021. This Hua Hin bus drives around Hua Hin every Saturday and Sunday between 9 AM until 10.15 PM. One ticket cost 300 THB. and is valid for unlimited hop on hop off the bus in a 7-days time frame.

Clarification Hopping On and Off

To clarify, if you purchase your ticket on Saturday-noon the ticket will be valid until the next Saturday at 11:59 AM for trips in Hua Hin or one week later for Bangkok-Hua Hin rides. You can hop on and off that whole Saturday, Sunday and the next half Saturday or enjoy one weekend more in between. 

Hua Hin bus hop on hop off every 2 hours. Thailand Event Guide

Hua Hin bus hop on hop off every 2 hours. Thailand Event Guide


Time Table Hua Hin Bus Service

The Hua Hin Hop-On and Off bus starts at 9 AM at Banyan Residences, then will pick up guests at Dusit D2 (9:05), passing Markt Village at 09: 08, train station at 09:11, the market several minutes later at 09:14. The bus arrives at 09:29 AM at Dusit Thani before dropping off people at the Hua Hin Airport at 09:34 AM. 

Note: The Event Hub uses the facilities of the airport, but only opens from 12 PM on Saturdays and Sundays with the Weekend Hub.

After the airport, the ride continues to Hua Hin Beach (09:42), clock tower (09:44) then stops at the parking streetside in front of Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas in Hua Hin.

It continues from Centara to Cicada market (09:55), Takiab Beach (09:57), Vana Nava (10:12) and ends at Banyan Residences (10:14). Vana Nava is currently on hold until the bus company receives formal permission to drive into the property.

From Banyan, the bus will repeat the route every 2 hours (9, 11 AM, 1, 3, 5, 7 PM. The last ride will be at 9 PM and arrives for the last pickup at Hua Hin Airport around 21:34 PM and making the final stop at Banyan Residences at 22:14 PM.


Hua Hin bus drives between Dusit Thani and Banyan Residences. Thailand Event Guide

Hua Hin bus drives between Dusit Thani and Banyan Residences. Thailand Event Guide


How to Purchase Your Bus Ticket

Within Hua Hin

Tickets cost 300 THB. and these tickets are valid for 7 days, but only on the days of operating the bus service.  

Buy Tickets on the bus or online via the Event Hub website or TixTaQ (coming soon), the local hotels or travel partners in Bangkok and Hua Hin


Time Table Bus Hua Hin. Thailand Event Guide

Time Table Bus Hua Hin. Thailand Event Guide


Drive Soon from Bangkok to Hua Hin

The bus service drives weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The service departs from Siam Paragon Gate 1 at 08:30 AM. Then arrives at Khaosan Road (opposite the temple) for a quick stop at 08:45 AM. The ride continues passing the salt fields at 09:45 AM before reaching Cha-Am Beach at 11 AM and continuing to ride to Hua Hin where the bus will arrive app. 11:45 AM, Takiab beach at noon before Vana Nava as the final stop at 12:15. The last stop is also the first bus stop before departing to Bangkok.

Soon from Hua Hin to Bangkok

The bus service returns on the same day at 12:45 PM from Vana Nava and will reach Takiab at 1 PM and Hua Hin at 1:15 PM, Cha-Am 1:45 PM, Rom Hub at 3:15 PM, Khao San at 5:30 PM and Siam Paragon if the traffic allows at 6:00 PM.

Bangkok – Hua Hin – Bangkok

Tickets cost 1,500 THB and are valid for 14 days on the days when the bus service operates.  

Times in the timetable might differ from reality. If that happens, the bus company apologises.  You can contact their customer service anytime via +66 (0) 61-036-3494. That helps to improve your Hop On and Hop Off experience. We recommend every traveller to wait at least 10 minutes before the arrival time to be sure that you are in time for the bus.