Are Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels for Tourists in the Works?

The news is circulating that Thailand COVID-19 quarantine hotels are set to encourage foreign visitors to come back to the Land of Smiles. It’s about time that we started to think about encouraging tourists back into Thailand and this could be a great start.


Are we ready to make allowances to get tourists back to Thailand? It would be strange with the small COVID numbers in Thailand if we didn’t start letting foreign tourists back in soon. It’s only common sense. But when has common sense been the cornerstone of governmental thinking? It’s a rhetorical question. At least the Thai government is trying.

Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels Coming

Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels are apparently going to help kick-start foreign tourism to the Kingdom

Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels

Earlier this week, Thai government officials talk about a supposed plan to incorporate Thailand COVID-19 quarantine hotels in the Kingdom’s most popular beach-side and holiday areas. The story is being pushed by The Bangkok Post. The supposed idea is being considered as a way to stimulate tourism and to try and start building up the sector again.


The Thai economy has been seriously stagnating because of the pandemic, which is the same for most countries in the world. Especially those who have a massive tourism industry such as Thailand. Let any flu, COVID will still be here whether we have vaccinations or not. The global news on COVID shows that the vaccines could or could not be affected, and only time will tell what happens as this vaccination should still be in the testing stages.

Thaialnd COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels are the Future

Are Thailand COVID-19 quarantine hotels the future of tourism in Thailand? Maybe for the foreseeable future.

Thailand COVID-19 Quarantine Hotels are a Good Start

Thai government officials say that the Thailand COVID-19 quarantine hotels idea could start soon. April and May are currently penned in for the launch. It’s believed that the quarantine hotels will be implemented in Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, and Surat Thani. Those areas pretty much cover all the most popular holiday regions in Thailand.


The general idea is that foreign tourists would stay in these quarantine hotels, and if they test positive for the virus, they will remain in the hotels for two weeks. If the tourists test negative after 3 days they will be allowed out into the populace. In a way, it’s similar to the recent golf holiday idea where South Korean golfers were quarantined at the golf clubs.

Getting Back to Normal

Although it will be a while before we get back to normal, it’s time to start standing up to these pharmaceutical companies who are now writing the medical laws and restrictions. They are not to be trusted. However, at least this new Thailand COVID-19 quarantine hotels idea is a decent start.


Attracting foreign tourists to come back to Thailand is a good thing. Especially if the government can marshal it as they have suggested. It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next couple of months.